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DA blasts gov’t over New Age spending

Gavin Davis

Gavin Davis

The department of communications has spent “disproportionately” more than R10m on advertising in The New Age newspaper in the last financial year, the Democratic Alliance said on Thursday.

According to the DA, this amount accounts for 11,2% of government ad spend across 248 publications.

DA MP Gavin Davis says in a statement that government’s spending on the Gupta-owned newspaper is “skewed”, despite its low readership relative to some other titles.

Government spent roughly the same at the Sowetan as it did at The New Age, despite the fact that the former title has more than 10 times as many readers, according to Davis.

“The government spent R2,3m more on advertising in The New Age than the Daily Sun, even though the readership of the Daily Sun — at 5,3m, according to Amps figures — is 35 times more than The New Age’s readership of 153 000,” Davis says.

“The only explanation for the disproportionate adspend on The New Age is that it is owned by the politically-connected Gupta family, and because its editorial stance is unashamedly pro-Zuma. This is an abuse of public funds that [communications]minister Faith Muthambi must answer for in parliament.”

Davis says he wants Muthambi to explain to parliament whether there was a “specific directive to spend disproportionately more on The New Age than other publications”.

He also wants the minister to set out the criteria used to decide how much government spends on advertising per newspaper and whether the department of communications makes use of an independent media-buying agency to give it strategic advice on where to advertise.

A department of communications spokesman has been asked to comment on the DA’s statement.  — (c) 2015 NewsCentral Media


  1. Magomarele Gomi Thobejane on

    New Age newspaper is owned by the Guptas – who own Zuma – who owns ANC – which owns Government – which controls tax payers’ money – which is used to reward loyalty to everyone who’s loyal to Zuma. Does that make sense?

  2. Us taxpayers are once more viewed as little more than bipedal ATM machines by Luthuli House, especially as this Gupta rag might as well be headed “The ANC Gazette, all the news that Jake sees as fit to print”
    Not content with the Hlaudi Broadcasting Service being funded by the public purse the ANC now shamelessly puts its propaganda into hard copy.
    In any case at 153,000 readers (which I very, very much doubt) the entire project is, in circulation terms, a bloody white elephant.

  3. Ok, maybe we didn’t know aqbout the 10 million, but we most certainly knew about the rest. New age is so far up Zuma’s A hole its not even funny. And of course if Guptas’ are in the picture you know somewhere there will be corruption lurking about…

  4. If you knew what our government were spending at the Gupta owned Sahara Computers, it would blow your mind!

  5. I have a good contact/friend working within the organization so the information available to him is easily accessible. I don’t have specific details (figures) but can only quote based on the many times I hear what is said over braai’s etc. Apparently, the one’s and three’s don’t require tender processes (convenient), so the thousands of one’s and three’s of course lead to huge business.
    It is also common knowledge that the care of computers throughout the government is not high, the loss rate and the theft rate is very high, as well as unnecessarily purchases wanting to have the latest and greatest.

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