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Gamergate: no more fun and games

Alistair-Fairweather-180-profileWhat do you think of when you hear the word “nerd”? What was once an insult has become almost affectionate. With their extreme intelligence and social awkwardness, nerds are usually seen as endearing and harmless. This makes what is happening in the gaming industry all the more shocking.

For the last four months, a war of words has been raging between fans of videogames (gamers), the gaming press and feminist critics. What started as a blog post by a jilted boyfriend soon morphed into an ugly melee, sprawling across Web and social media.

On one side of the conflict are millions of fanatical gamers, outraged by what they see as an unjustified attack on a treasured pastime. On the other are gaming journalists and feminists who are horrified by what they believe is an entire industry built around deep-seated misogyny.

The conflict, named #GamerGate after the Twitter hashtag it spawned, has sullied participants on both sides. Gaming journalists have lost credibility by attacking the very people they are supposed to serve. Feminists have come across as shrill and militantly self-righteous.

But it’s the gaming community that has really disgraced itself. Anita Sarkeesian, a feminist and prominent critic of mainstream gaming, has been deluged with threats of rape and violence. And she is only one of many women connected to the gaming industry who have been targeted in the same way.

Sarkeesian has been exploring female roles in games for the last two years through a series of video critiques. After the release of her most recent video, someone sent her a message on Twitter:  “I’m sitting outside your apartment … with a loaded gun.” Geolocation data confirmed that the tweet was posted nearby her home.

In October, Sarkeesian was scheduled to speak at Utah State University’s Center for Women and Gender. A few hours before the event, the university received an anonymous e-mail if Sarkesian was allowed to speak. The e-mail continued: “I will write my manifesto in her spilled blood, and you will all bear witness to what feminist lies and poison have done to the men of America.”

What’s puzzling is that Sarkesian isn’t saying anything particularly new. Her video critiques are provocative but largely accurate. Women are routinely portrayed as either sex objects or punching bags in many games (often both at the same time). Few games have female characters of any substance — most are treated as either adornment or chattel. So where does all this disproportionate rage come from?

Part of it stems from the psychology of gamers. For many painfully awkward teenagers, the digital world of gaming offers the kind of escape that sport or dating might offer to their more socially adept peers. I was one such teenager, and I remember the solace this private world gave me. In that world, you can wield the kind of power that is routinely denied to you in your daily life.

From that perspective, a threat to gaming — whether real or perceived — is taken personally. You’re not just talking about “videogames” — you’re talking about a way of coping with life. Sarkesian is poking her finger deftly into the subculture’s most sensitive nerve.

But however strident Sarkeesian and her peers may be, nothing justifies the kind of reaction they have received. Gamers have unleashed a torrent of threats so vile that many cannot be repeated without nauseating both writer and reader. Nothing can ever justify a threat of gang rape or mutilation.


The majority of #GamerGate supporters are not misogynists. Only a small minority have threatened women online. Moderate supporters have a genuine concern that gaming journalists have been partial and unethical in their coverage of the industry. But that justified cause has long since mutated into what amounts to an online hate group.

Thirty years ago, Revenge of the Nerds debuted in cinemas. A classic tale of nice guys with thick glasses and goofy laughs beating the jocks at their own game. These are the breed of nerdy men and women that founded the gaming industry and made Silicon Valley what it is today. For 30 years, nerds have been a force for progress and good — from Bill Gates and Steve Wozniak to Sergey Brin and Mark Zuckerberg.

But not all nerds become billionaire playboys. Many remain painfully awkward and socially isolated. Their sensitivity can be endearing, but it can also be dangerous. However unfair they may feel feminists are being, they cannot be allowed to react like overgrown toddlers. It’s time for gamers to grow up and join the 21st century.


  1. GG Psychiatric Ward on

    With all due respect: Your “Observations” on the psychology of gamers appears to be first and foremost heavily laced with bias.
    It strikes more as an insult than the results of any kind of investigation, but im certain that bit was intentional and I could careless.

    If there is some minor demographic that fits the description you are presenting, it is not the majority in which I interact.
    Some nerds play video games, perhaps.

    Children Act irrationally; Some of Gamergate are so – Young.
    If you dive into neuroscience, you will understand that adolescents lack critical brain development to make proper extended decisions.
    These are the primary demographic that will be prone to impulsive behavior that you understand as “harassment” because they are simply mad at the system, and act out in what their fledgling intellects can manage – “You suck”

    Anyways, I write this on the remote off hand hope that you are actually open to some kind of discourse, and there may be another side.

    Then again… I am the optimistic one, trying to do good where others tell me I will surely fail.

  2. Long time ago (15+ years ago) I read an article of a game developer who classified his clientèle into two types – sharks and care-bears with normal gamers somewhere in between. Does not look like things changed in that regard there are just more gamers now. As for game developers, they will write anything that sells – so which ever group is the biggest gets the most attention.

  3. JohnnyTheSpider on

    Alastair, I
    normally enjoy your articles but here you are rehashing the MSM version of
    gamergate without adding any new insights. In the process, you’re just adding
    to hateful, narrow-minded perceptions of geeks which I think are outdated.

    Gamergate is made up of about 10,000 Reddit accounts and many of them are
    dupes. And the bad behavior is coming from a tiny minority of these. So, to
    make generalizations about gamers as a group – effectively hundreds of millions
    of people from all walks of life – seems unfair to me. We are talking about a
    few children, sociopaths and criminals here, not a culture.

    Gaming is so mainstream these days that making broad-brush assumptions about
    “gaming culture” is as pointless as doing the same for
    “reading” or “filmwatching” culture. Focus on the bigger
    issue which is that social networks seem unable to properly balance the need to
    police abuse with freedom of expression – and this sort of abuse is by no means
    limited to the Sarkeesian effect.

    “Her video critiques are provocative but largely accurate. Women are routinely
    portrayed as either sex objects or punching bags in many games (often both at
    the same time).”

    I must take issue with this, too, and ask if you’ve actually played any games
    in the past decade. Games, if anything, are more progressive in their treatment
    of female characters than blockbuster cinema, where characters like the Black
    Widow are still something of a rarity. Empowered female characters in
    videogames go back to Samus of Metroid and Lara Croft, through to Half-Life 2’s
    Alyx Vance and Beyond Good & Evil’s Jade.

    Today, there are many wonderful female games characters with deep, rich
    characterisation- many characters in Bioware’s Mass Effect and Dragon Age
    games, Ellie from The Last of Us, Ellen Ripley from Alien Isolation, and
    many more. Even a militaristic, macho power fantasy like Gears of War now has capable
    female soldiers standing toe to toe with the grunts in the trenches. I urge you
    to look here at modern female character designs.

    It is too bad that the few bad apples have poisoned
    this debate. Sarkeesian needs to be tackled on many counts – cherry picking
    data, the fact that she relies on “Let’s Play” videos rather playing the games
    herself, ignoring her moderate critics and amplifying her abusers, refusing to
    debate her points, dogmatically painting a post-feminist icon like Bayonetta
    with the same brush as the gross sexualization in God of War. The death threats
    have become her immunity idol against needing to debate with any real
    intellectual rigour.

  4. Yet another article which ultimately slanders nerds and gamers as adolescents at best and infants at worst. That’s certainly a good way to bridge the divide. You raise Anita as a hero when she is nothing more than a conwoman. “Her video critiques are provocative but largely accurate…” Please, spare me. They are most certainly not. If you put just as much effort into picking apart the actual premises of her arguments as you did chastising gamers and nerds, you’d quickly discover her talking points are garbage. They are based on unfounded and outdated modes of thinking which says that culture shapes society. Your line of reasoning begins at the conclusion that women such as Anita are obviously right and then work backwards to passive aggressively shame everyone who disagrees with you.

  5. In truth, it boggles the mind how utterly and completely wrong you and the rest of #GamerGate are when it comes to Sarkeesian. Not about the content of her work, though it is fairly accurate, but by including her in this so-called “ethics” issue. She has nothing to do with game journalism. Nor any direct effect on the gaming industry. None. Zero. Going after her, Quinn, Wu, etc., only proves the anti-GG’s are correct; this isn’t about “ethics in game journalism” at all.

  6. If GamerGate is a hate group, then it is unambiguously the most diverse hate group in the history of the world in terms of ideology, race, gender, and sexual orientation. Its goals also coincidentally have nothing to do with hate, and unless you can solve cases better than the FBI can, you can’t even claim GamerGate is associated with any of the threats that anyone’s received.

    You’re contributing to a narrative that’s continually dehumanized people for months, gotten a few people fired, and made a lot of women scared to ever enter game development. Essentially, this narrative makes the world slightly worse for just about everyone except for professional agitators.

    Grats on the clickiness of the article. You may have made the world slightly worse, but I’m sure the website appreciates the ad revenue.

  7. Michael Lindsay on

    Ya know, I play games and I like science fiction-and I wasn’t hurt by this article. This sounds like a laundry list of first world problems.

    Particularly in the case of Sarkeesian, she critiques something in a way you disagree with and you act like it’s an attack on you personally. Get over yourself and get a life!

  8. GamerGate isn’t going after these people. GG is a bit angry with some of them, but that’s largely because they attacked GG. There’s no organized response to them. GG’s organized efforts have almost exclusively related to specific websites.

    Issues with Sarkeesian are generally down to individuals. Calling her stuff “fairly accurate” implies, to me, that you either haven’t watched any of it, or haven’t played any of the games discussed. She starts with several assumptions (media changes individual behaviors & culture, tropes are inherently bad), uses them to draw bizarre generalizations, and from those generalizations, tries to essentially assert that player agency in video games is a bad thing. Good academics use sources and don’t rely so strongly on arbitrary claims and weasel words.

    That criticism has fuck-all to do with ethics in journalism, or with GG. I just personally don’t think that her criticisms are intellectually honest or intelligent appraisals. This isn’t exactly a rare attitude among gamers, or even among other feminist game critics.

  9. doesnotcompute on

    A lot of the alleged threats have been blown out of proportion. I’m sure someone will strawman this into me saying there are no harrassments or threats.

  10. To say that “GG’s organized efforts” aren’t attacking women/minorities indicates that you don’t know the history and origins of #GamerGate. I’ve been here from the beginning and have seen firsthand the What, Why and When of it all. Are there issues with game journalism? Most definitely. Is the bulk of GG about attacking & threatening (primarily) women? Without question. Five minutes on Google will verify that.

    As for Sarkeesian’s work, no one has to like or agree with it. It’s a documentary. But practically every negative you and the rest of GG have thrown at her are easily shown as misleading or outright false. Another 5 min. Google search will show that, too.

  11. Patrick Dexter on

    You actually made me very happy with this, for one you correctly said the uni threats were anonymous and didn’t really say in any way Gamergate were responsible, to really cap at off could you at least take a look at this link where the uni people say on their website that police told them there is (was?) ‘no risk’ to students.

  12. I’ll just leave this here for the author’s education and edification:
    Not a chainmail bikini or oversized bosom in sight. Perhaps those characters lean to the attractive size of the scale, but they’re diverse, realistically proportioned, apparently dressed themselves and most of them have agency and motivation.
    I suspect if he had bothered to actually do some research into how women are really portrayed in games, he may have been be pleasantly surprised. Let’s celebrate progress rather than negativity, maybe?

  13. Anita Sarkeesian’s work is based on anecdotal evidence. She not only cherry-picks the examples to suit her argument, but her work also makes wild assumptions about what messages the designers of the games actually intended to communicate– without bothering to even ask them.

    Your article also ignores that troll groups like GNAA have admitted responsibility for the bulk of the harassment, not true proponents of GamerGate. Alarming as their actions are, it has nothing specifically to do with GamerGate.

    Your article is terribly under-researched.

  14. So you’re saying that she does cite sources, never misuses terms, and didn’t use other people’s LPs without permission or disclosure? None of those are examples of academic dishonesty? Honestly, I think you’re being silly.

    In regards to the other crap, where exactly were you? I find that people see these things very, very differently depending on their first exposures to events, and I’m curious about yours. My 5 minutes on Google reveal very, very different things, and I can’t help but think that someone made your mind up for you before you looked at any primary source material.

    Everyone approaches different situations with different assumption. It’s overwhelmingly silly to claim that Gawker is either a woman or a minority, since corporate personhood is crap and it’s primarily run by white dudes. Besides that and Gamasutra, what organized campaigns are there?

    If you’re going to claim that saying negative things about someone in places they’d have to go out of their way to see is harassment, then you and I have very, very different notions of what the word means.

  15. As someone who repeatedly tries to stay neutral on this issue, I must applaud the author for attempting to stay in the middle of this issue (not going left or right). However there are some issues that I did have issue with in the article:

    “What’s puzzling is that Sarkesian isn’t saying anything particularly new. Her video critiques are provocative but largely accurate”…In what form are they accurate? cherrypicking video scenes from stolen game footage is hardly accurate let alone academic. I certainly agree that her content is provocative and I also agree that she should be free to say whatever she pleases free of any threats whatsoever.

    “For many painfully awkward teenagers, the digital world of gaming offers the kind of escape that sport or dating might offer to their more socially adept peers”…This sentence implies that the majority of the Pro-GG members are between the ages of 13-18. The problem I have with this is that the statistic of the consumer demographic point to the greater possability of males in their 30’s and women in their 40’s as potential members.

    “Moderate supporters have a genuine concern that gaming journalists have been partial and unethical in their coverage of the industry”…Agreed which is why anybody on the sidelines should take whatever facts or truths the Pro-GG side has uncovered to pursue the issue of corruption in journalism. For that matter the same can also be said of the Anti-GG side when it comes to legitimate issues on sexism, discrimination, and racism in the games industry.

  16. The article had a promising start but veered off into slander with false allegations and blatant false claims. Very disappointing indeed. I am at a loss to describe it as click-bait or just ignorance.

    Explain this to me article writer:

    “The majority of #GamerGate supporters are not misogynists. Only a small minority have threatened women online.”

    The you go on to this “…long since mutated into what amounts to an online hate group” Firstly <<<<<>>>>> for this ludicrous claim, and secondly explain how you have now blanketed the majority for the minority activity?

    You have stated that the majority are innocent of sending harassment and threats yet you have blanketed the entire group later on. Unacceptable. Please research into this before making capricious claims.

    See for a more accurate account of #gamergate.

  17. My first exposure to this was an app that sends alerts to your phone when “breaking news” occurs in the video game industry. This happened to be GJP. Milo. I began reading fully expecting to be on the side that identified as gamers because I am one. I was ready to be Gamergate, ready to be indignant on behalf of fellow gamers. The first 2 articles I read were pro. It listed the most important thing to read for information was the Zoe post. I read it.
    Then I spent weeks, and now months reading, even the Burgersandfries IRC and 8chan. I’ve read Paul Elam and Roosh, and see so many male gamers jumping to join actual hate groups with mentions on SPLC because they believe women have wronged them. I’ve read white supremacy ridiculousness and white supremacy proGG from the perspective of the bronies. I’ve read and seen Vivian James be drawn into CP on 8chan. She looks approximately 7 in many of the pictures.
    It is not the articles written by the MSM that are giving GG a bad name. It is GG in the comments sections of these articles, and on Twitter, and on forums like KiA and /gg/, /v/, and /pol/. Their refusal to speak out against true hate speech and worse (like the CP) because it is tone-policing to them is horrifying to watch. And for GG to do this in the name of “gamer” is devastating.

  18. John Sartoris on

    Examples of video games displaying the very misogynistic trends she mentions is not “anecdotal evidence;” it is actual evidence. Also, using examples that backed here argument when she didn’t claim the trend was universal isn’t “cherry-picking.” It’s effectively using evidence to support your argument.

    If you have a problem with the examples she used, please share.

    Also, please direct me to that article proving GNAA did the bulk of the harassment.

  19. John Sartoris on

    She wasn’t claiming to be writing an academic article, so Sarkeesian didn’t need citations. Also, considering Sarkeesian didn’t claim the misogynist trends in video games are universal, her use of examples wasn’t “cherry-picking;” it was proof the trend exists.

    Otherwise, your calm neutral approach is appreciated.

  20. Why don’t you look at the post above that details positive female characters in games? They’re the rule and trend these days rather than the exception these days, but Sarkeesian ignores them. It’s extremely unhelpful and dogmatic. It is cherry picking when she takes content out of context or when she ignores the positive counter-examples.

  21. Gregg Braddoch on

    Joe Klemmer “Sarkeesian is a non-issue, because she’s not a journalist.”

    Yeah, and ethics have nothing to do with journalists repeating BS lies and completely debunked pseudo-science from Sarkeesian. LMFAO.

    GG: “Sarkeesian attempts to use Neuro Linguistic Programming pseudo-science in her videos – why is she attempting to manipulate people this way?”

    Journalists “Sarkeesian saves video games from misogyny”

    SJWs “See, Sarkeesian isn’t a journalist so you guys aren’t about journalistic ethics”


  22. Gregg Braddoch on

    Keep using that strawman.

    Sarkeesian LIES when she says it’s ok to play the games she critiques, because she flat out states in Women As Background Decoration Part 1 that this will turn gamers into real-world misogynists.

    Too bad for Sarkie that the only things “turning gamers into misogynyists” are called “slander” and “libel”.

  23. Gregg Braddoch on

    Oh Hai – May we spend a few minutes discussing our Lady and Most Feminist Savior Anita Sarkeesian?

  24. Gregg Braddoch on

    But don’t you know? Sarkeesian already discounted all these as Ms. Male Tropes? SMH

  25. John Sartoris on

    It’s not cherry-picking because she never said misogyny in video games was the norm. She said it was a disturbing trend, and she backed that up with examples.

    Try to pay attention to the scope of someone’s argument before criticizing their appropriate use of evidence.

  26. Gregg Braddoch on

    Hey It’s good ol’ Johnny Sartoris, asking for problems with Sarkeesians work that he’ll strawman the crap out of…. for the ten thousandth time… and he still doesn’t get why people don’t agree with him.

  27. John Sartoris on

    No she didn’t, she correctly criticized games for using Ms. Male tropes. Big difference.

  28. John Sartoris on

    It’s lil Greggy Braddoch out to make no salient arguments, obsess and errroneously carp on Sarkeesian and implode when called on it…;)

  29. Gregg Braddoch on

    “It’s not cherry-picking because she never said misogyny in video games was the norm.”


    “There’s a toxicity within gaming culture, and also in tech culture, that drives this misogynist hatred” – Close enough.

    Plus she also claimed the Damsel in Distress Trope to be particularly pervasive in video games, despite finding less than 1% of the games on all consoles through her extremely long time frame actually used the trope (and this is after padding it with examples that don’t actually use the trope) So regardless of whether she flat out states that “misogyny is the norm” or calls it a “disturbing trend” it’s probably BS.

    “Try to pay attention to the scope of someone’s argument before criticizing their appropriate use of evidence.”

    Yep, you know Anita only talks about every game genre that has any story whatsoever, so obviously she’s not finding disturbing trends in puzzle games, so you got us there, smart guy, she’s only saying that MOST popular games are misogynist, not ALL of them. LMFAO, SMH.

  30. Gregg Braddoch on

    “No she didn’t, she correctly criticized games for using Ms. Male tropes. Big difference.”

    lol, yeah, you know by calling the female ice climber sexist for wearing a pink parka, Ms. Pacman sexist for wearing lipstick and a pink bow – Even Sarkeesians own “Ms. Male” definition required the female characters to be “lesser” than their male counterparts, yet none of her examples show this to be true…

  31. John Sartoris on

    Thanks for confirming my and Sarkeesian’s argument with that relevant ice climber example. I love when you do my work for me.

  32. John Sartoris on

    One doesn’t have to find the exact amount of examples to represent one’ asserted trend. I’m not surprised you didn’t know that. So, her example size was perfectly appropriate.

    And the fact you think she should find misogyny in puzzle games further confirms your “brilliance.”

    P.s. Keep those All-Caps coming Gregg, they’re doing wonders for your displays of “sanity.”

  33. Gregg Braddoch on

    And lets not forget to thank Sarkeesian for wearing Pink, Lipstick, and Earrings while calling them sexist if the Ice Climber or Ms. Pacman wears them.

    Lets also thank her for telling us that the Nerf Rebelle Toys are great, inclusive toys she supports, despite the fact they use a “sexist” “gender signifier” to market them to girls, against yet another Sarkeesian statement that things shouldn’t be marketed to young people at all.

    So thank you Anita, for showing us just how much you care that the color pink, lipstick, bows, and/or earrings are sexist.

  34. Gregg Braddoch on

    “One doesn’t have to find the exact amount of examples to represent one’ asserted trend. So, her example size was perfectly appropriate.”

    If one is going to claim the trend as pervasive it is highly recommended by logic and reason, but you know, believe her if you like. I’d also like to see her data, which can’t be found anywhere – in her videos or on her website… So much for “scholarly/academic critique”. We have no idea what her sample size is.

    “And the fact you think she should find misogyny in puzzle games further confirms your ‘brilliance.'”

    You’re like a manufacturing unit for strawmen….Feed in words, get a strawman. I never said she should look for misogyny in strawman, I merely pointed out that your dodge relies on the fact she HASN’T critiqued puzzle games, which is hardly the type of games anyone here is discussing. (e.g. I’m not worried that Anita will find the King in a game of Chess sexist.)

    “Keep those All-Caps coming Gregg”

    And you can keep those strawmen cooking too. Pure genius = You. Godlike intelligence = you. I know I’m outmatched, because you said so.

  35. Gregg Braddoch on

    Pure genius. Poetry in motion. You really have got to give me the URL of your snark generator.

  36. John Sartoris on

    She says no such thing. She says misogynist games will inevitably affect the viewer. She says clearly it won’t necessarily turn gamers into misogynists.

    Keep those All-Caps coming, your splenetic rage keeps shining on.

  37. Gregg Braddoch on

    “She says misogynist games will inevitably affect the viewer.”

    Yep that she does, and quite a lot with phrases like “gamers can’t help but be complicit in acting out” and “the less likely you think you are to be affected, the more likely you are to be affected” – All without any kind of solid evidence to back said claims.

    “She says clearly it won’t necessarily turn gamers into misogynists.”

    Dude, I’ve watched her videos more times than I care to, and she’s never stated this anywhere. How about a video title and a timestamp and I’ll believe you.

    Disclaimer: John Sartoris is a genius and godlike mastermind in his spare time, so everything in my above comment is wrong, and to be taken in light of the holy truth that John will illuminate before you. (Because he said so).

  38. Gregg Braddoch on

    ^ Yep, and only because you said so. Can I get you more tinfoil? That hat looks magnificent oh God of the Greater Universe.

  39. John Sartoris on

    Firstly, thank you for confirming my point. All games–including Tetris–affect their viewers. So, it’s not a radical statement.

    You’ve watched her videos “more times than you’d care to’? That is truly disturbing. And she did say that. She said video games don’t have direct affect, so it was immediately implied. Obviously implication is beyond you.

    So, I have and need no time stamp. Unllike you, I’m not creepily obsessed with the woman.

  40. John Sartoris on

    Tinfoil hats and statements with question marks? Your implosion knows no bounds…;)

  41. Gregg Braddoch on

    “Firstly, thank you for confirming my point. All games–including Tetris–affect their viewers. ”

    Umm, that is a given… Do you have any scientific evidence to prove that ANY games promote real world sexist attitudes? If you are going to be specific about what effects are caused by games, you might as well include the scientific basis that I know you didn’t forget to have, right?

    ” And she did say that. ”

    And yet you are unable to cite where and when she said that.

    “So, I have and need no time stamp.”

    Well Gods like you have no need for proof, but it is helpful to provide it when mortals look for it. Remember “God Almighty”? He thought it was a good idea to skimp on the proof bit, and now we have atheism.

    “Unllike you, I’m not creepily obsessed with the woman.”

    No, you’re just creepily obsessed with creating strawmen out of critiques of her work. No judgement though, Gods must get plenty bored, you know, with the whole omniscience thing.

  42. John Sartoris on

    You accept video games affect, that’s a start. You also can’t refute that different games will have different effects. Sarkeesian cited her evidence, so you know what it is. You clearly haven’t disproven it yet.

    And I posted this in my last post; you missed it:

    “She said video games don’t have direct affect, so it was immediately implied. Obviously implication is beyond you.”

    Obviously reading is beyond you, too. And, you are creepily obsessed with Sarkeesian; you admit to watching her videos over…and over…and over. That is truly creepy.

    Thanks for the God complement, by the way. I’ll take it.

  43. John Sartoris on

    No, but Deus is a troll who comes on the thread with no argument of his own and no relevant point to make. I love how trolls like Deus wallow in their hypocrisy…;)

  44. Gregg Braddoch on

    “You accept video games affect, that’s a start.”

    Demonstrated by scientific study, video games enhance problem solving, reaction time, etc.

    Also: You still haven’t shown me that Anita anywhere in her work has stated games won’t turn people into misogynists. Quite convenient that you get to make claims without defending them. (God Privilege)

    “You also can’t refute that different games will have different effects. ”

    No, but I wonder how you can scientifically demonstrate the presence of a subjective moral problem.

    “Sarkeesian cited her evidence, so you know what it is. You clearly haven’t disproven it yet.”

    She has cited no scientific evidence that supports her claims, so there is nothing for me to disprove – let me know when you find a scientific study anywhere on feminist frequency’s videos or website that needs debunking.

    “Thanks for the God complement, by the way. ”

    Anything for My Lord and Master “I’m right because I said so.”

  45. John Sartoris on

    Your post is quite ironic since you give no evidence to support any of your statements. So, you’re the one who thinks he’s right because he “says so.” What a shock.

    Nobody talked about “scientifically demonstrating the presence of a subjective moral problem.” So, that statement is ridiculous

    She absolutely pointed to studies showing video imagery affects on the mind. You need to show the studies you mentioned actually enhanced problem solving and reaction time, and only did that. Otherwise, the only one playing God, and badly, is you.

  46. Gregg Braddoch on

    “Your post is quite ironic since you give no evidence to support any of your statements.”

    Yeah, I don’t really defend scientific research that has been widely publicized to Troll-Gods like yourself.

    “Nobody talked about ‘scientifically demonstrating the presence of a subjective moral problem.'”

    No, but Sarkeesian is claiming real-life problems are caused by video games, and these ‘problems’ are morality based and subjective.

    “She absolutely pointed to studies showing video imagery affects on the mind.”

    Yet none of them demonstrate that this imagery can have ‘misogynistic’ effects.

    “You need to show the studies you mentioned actually enhanced problem solving and reaction time, and only did that. ”

    Yeah, no. This is like saying “well you’ve stated that human beings benefit from eating protein, now you have to prove that protein doesn’t cause cancer because I said it does.” Anita needs to prove that the real-world effects she’s claiming are caused by games, and instead she relies on her own personal bias, much like yourself. “I said it, so it has to be true” – Anita “Comments Disabled Because Misogyny” Sarkeesian.

  47. Gregg Braddoch on

    ” I love how trolls like Deus wallow in their hypocrisy”

    I think that is your hypocrisy that you got on Deus… just gross dude – Keep that stuff where it belongs.

  48. Examples never have to be as big as the argued trend; that’s why they’re called “examples.”

    Secondly, go look up “strawman;” you’ve been misusing it terribly.

    Finally, thanks again for the compliments.

  49. Gregg Braddoch on

    “Examples never have to be as big as the argued trend; that’s why they’re called ‘examples.'”

    Traditionally, the examples are also accompanied by data showing that they are just the examples, and indicative of a larger trend. (This is the part that makes them examples).

    “Secondly, go look up ‘strawman;’ you’ve been misusing it terribly.”

    Yeah, says the guy who either purposely misconstrues my words, or struggles to understand them – I was generous and assumed the former – Are you saying you just don’t understand? It’s ok, your secret is safe with me – We wouldn’t want the rest of your worshipers to find out.

    “Finally, thanks again for the compliments.”

    One can never compliment a deity enough times… I mean seriously, they could throw a fit, and suddenly your pious worship is blasphemy – It’s best to suck up before this happens.

  50. Gregg Braddoch on

    heh too bad he later decided that “all gamergaters are trolls” was a better story halfway through his article.

  51. Examples are only accompanied by data if needed. She said there are video games exemplifying particular trends; she gave examples exemplifying them. So, no data was necessary.

    You didn’t look up “strawman:’ I’m not surprised. You wouldn’t want to see how poorly you’ve been misusing it.

    Don’t worry about my throwing a fit; you’ve been a devoted acolyte…;)

  52. Gregg Braddoch on

    “So, no data was necessary.”

    She called the Damsel trope “pervasive” which means “widely used” – When one makes such a claim Data is necessary.

    ” You wouldn’t want to see how poorly you’ve been misusing it.”

    Yeah I know, you said I used it wrong, so it must be so. No reasoning with you Gods.

    “Don’t worry about my throwing a fit; you’ve been a devoted acolyte…;)”

    Which is what you desire, yes? Gods always want little automatons which follow their moral code to the exclusion of all else, so I had a pretty good hunch on that one.

  53. Use of “pervasive” doesn’t automatically demand data. There are no rules stating that.

    It’s been fun, dude. I’ve got to get back to work. I’m sure I’ll see you again.

  54. Gregg Braddoch on

    “Use of ‘pervasive’ doesn’t automatically demand data.”

    Yeah, I agree with you: No data is necessary to demonstrate that games overuse something that is “pervasive” throughout video games – We should just all take your word for it, and by extension Anita’s.

    This is a load of turkey crap.

    “It’s been fun, dude. I’ve got to get back to work. I’m sure I’ll see you again.”

    Yes, My Master.

  55. Cherry-picking examples is anecdotal. If Sarkeesian was truly confident in her claims, she would publish a paper that cites examples from a statistically significant portion of games that have been published. Instead Sarkeesian looks for games that confirm her beliefs and then writes an essay about how her belief is correct. That is the textbook definition of anecdotal evidence, and it is not the least bit scientific.

    As for GNAA I am sure you can use Google to identify the many blog posts that have posted chat logs and Twitter posts from GNAA members who have acknowledged their own involvement. The information is out there and easy to find by simply doing a Google Search for the two terms together.

  56. So you’re saying, more-or-less, that the tone set by anon culture outweighs the actual ideas and goals behind the group’s organized efforts? That’s what you seem to be implying when you say that the lack of tone policing makes it a clear ‘hate group’ issue.

    The simple reality is that no organized efforts have been targeted at pushing women or minorities out of gaming. Shitposting is shitposting, but when it comes down to it, we’ve actively supported female devs (got one game greenlit on Steam in a single night) while people opposing GG have done the exact opposite; they tried to bury a farming sim as somehow supporting misogyny and hatred purely because the developer had the audacity to state that she didn’t feel the industry had treated her poorly. I’ve been told I’m either a sock or an idiot for being a minority and giving a shit.

    Talking about inclusivity isn’t better than actual inclusivity, even when actual inclusivity is paired with ignorant shitposting. Personally, I have never ventured into /pol/ because it doesn’t interest me. I haven’t seen much of what you describe on /gg/ on 8chan, or on KiA, but maybe we have different notions of what is and isn’t offensive.

    At the end of the day, actions are more important than words and gestures, and GamerGate hasn’t actually tried to push anyone out of the industry while the opposition legitimately has. What we have done is gotten the FTC to release more stringent guidelines, something that can’t be meaningfully associated with most of the claims that outsiders have made about GG as a group.

  57. Surely this article could have been written without using a large smutty tar brush to paint all gamers and gaming journos with it? And now I see I am classified as a nerd and seemingly I have tendencies to all sorts of abominable and vile deeds?

    Good grief, dude?! Words fail me.

    Whatever you write next, please do not tell my wife what subliminally and unknowingly I am. She does not know it (yet?) and I’d like to keep my happy marriage that way… please!

  58. I love how, according to you, this issue can simply be distilled into two groups (feminists and game journalists on one side and gamers on the other). I’m not sure if this is the accepted standard of research in journalism these days.

    There are very few articles on this subject that are objective and well-researched. This article, unfortunately, is not one of them.

    Any troll or cyberbully simply has to add a hashtag to a post and that person is immediately deemed part of that group – should we judge gaming journalism by the standards of FOX News?

    Regarding Sarkeesian, I think there is unease about her qualifications and motives (rightly or wrongly). More credence is given to celebrity these days than actual intelligent debate – something she rarely, if ever, engages in. She seems mostly to interact with her followers and any differing opinion is shouted down with ‘gamergate’, ‘misogynist’, etc. This is not a good omen for future discourse and is possibly the reason for the backlash against her – she is the straw that broke the camel’s back after many years of political correctness for fear of being labelled a pariah people have decided enough is enough. As Bill Maher recently said: “That’s how it’s done kids. Whoever told you you didn’t have to hear what upset you?”.

  59. You mean the former protege of Bart Baggette a pick up artist who teaches ppl how to manipulate women ? Maybe we can talk about Randi Harpers meth addiction ? The fact she got fired from Yahoo for doing meth in the bathroom….. well it really display the lvl of intelligence the average anti-GGer has.

  60. Greg Mahlknecht on

    I took the time to check out the issues around this and wow – what a storm in a teacup. Sarkesian’s videos are certainly nothing even close to accurate. I’m not sure Alistair actually watched any of them. The “research/facts” behind them are about as strong as the wifi-is-giving-us-cancer crowd, based on laughable premises and even more ridiculous logic.

    I don’t know how anyone got outraged over it, it should have just been laughed off and forgotten; I don’t think this has anything to do with nerds or their particular social retardation; it’s just plain simple mob mentality that has escalated out of control. Certainly not unique to GG. This time it just happened to be a few nerds that lashed out, tomorrow it could be movie or soccer fans or a religious group that doesn’t like certain cartoons. In each case, just a few idiots probably looking for attention and trying to impress their friends.

  61. Please name 1 op that attacked women or minorities. Your assertions are not facts. Has there been anonymous harassment of individuals? Sure. But it’s happened to BOTH sides. A bunch of notable GamerGate figures got sent death threats and horrible shit in the mail and they didn’t start a Patreon over it and demand censorship of the internet. GNA, a notorious troll and hacker group has taken CREDIT for much of the harassment. Anti-Gamer supporters have openly doxed and harassed GamerGate supporters. Zoe Quinn doxed Mike Cernovitch and had the nerve to then try and change the definition o what “doxing” meant. GamerGate, to date has helped TFYC, as well as numerous charities, raising something well over $100,000 for GOOD causes. What have the anti-gamers done? Cry on Twitter about their oppression and shill for their Patreons.

    You argument about Anita Sarkeesian misses the point entirely. She is a fraud and a con-artist. A simple background check on her, critical analysis of her work, the fact that she willfully steals others work and then openly lies about said work, oh and that her master’s thesis is a self-contradicting pile of garbage is all proof of this.

    NO ONE has ever said she doesn’t have the right to an opinion. The issue is that she claims her opinions are facts, smears the entirely of gaming culture, specifically male gaming culture (white male gaming culture), and raised 25x the amount of money on kickstarter she asked for by transforming herself into a professional victim and is now TWO YEARS overdue on what she was supposed to deliver with zero signs of ever delivering. She has since moved on to flying around to different places and giving talks about the importance of ignoring due process and the presumption in innocence aka “listening and believing” – which worked FAMOUSLY for Rolling Stone in the U-Va. case recently. Ha!

    And you keep appealing to google searches when the #1 complaint GamerGate has is that the media is corrupt and is pushing a toxic, extreme left narrative. Now we do that google serach annnnd sure enough, the slew of articles, which make baseless assertions and appeals to emotions, all while failing to even give the scantest look at ethics and corruption, demonstrate that.

  62. Yeah, “google” an issue when one of the chief criticisms is that the media is ethically bankrupt and only covers one-side of the story while making baseless assertions. Actually… wait, yes, LET’S google it because that actually demonstrates that beautifully!

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