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Project Ubu launches token sale

South African start-up Project Ubu, which is working to combine the idea of a universal basic income (separate from government-led initiatives) with a blockchain-housed cryptocurrency, has announced plans to

Power price hikes to hit IT hard

Eskom has asked for a 16%/year increase in electricity prices for the next five years – an effective doubling in the price over the period. This will increase costs for mobile operators and data-centre providers, with costs eventually flowing through to consumers, industry players have warned. Vox Telecom

Delisted Vox wants to return to its roots

With just a week to go before Vox Telecom terminates its listing on the JSE, founder and CEO Doug Reed wants to return the company to its “entrepreneurial roots”, away from the public glare that comes with being a listed company. And he wants to get the company back

Ngcaba decries spectrum auctions

Dimension Data SA chairman Andile Ngcaba, who is a big investor in SA’s telecommunications industry through his company Convergence Partners, expressed frustration on Monday at the slow pace of decision making over the allocation of

Unbundling: what industry wants from Icasa

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) will present a discussion document on local-loop unbundling (LLU) to the telecommunications industry on Wednesday morning. TechCentral rounded up the views of a few key industry leaders

Captain Comeback

Vox Telecom group MD Doug Reed is no stranger to the vagaries of the local telecommunications industry. The 52-year-old has made — and lost — a personal fortune in his career, but is warm and welcoming when I meet him at the company’s offices across the

LCR not dead yet, says Vox

AltX-listed Vox Telecom says there is still a good three years of life left in the least-cost routing (LCR) market. This is despite the big cuts in mobile and fixed-line termination rates, the rates that

Vox mimics Stuff for annual report

Vox Telecom, listed on the JSE’s AltX exchange, is becoming well known for its inventive annual reports, which each year resemble a popular magazine. The 2010 annual report, released this week, is no exception

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