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TechCentral is South Africa’s leading business-to-business technology news website and podcast network. We provide quality news, reviews and comment relevant to our quickly expanding audience. And we do it first.

So that there is no ambiguity, we subscribe to these basic principles:

  • We believe in free enterprise. We subscribe to the view that the individual is more important than the state. We will never apologise for defending the free market and the right of individuals to exercise their economic and political freedoms under the constitution. In telecommunications, this extends to the view that no entity should be protected from competition or be favoured by state policy or regulation.
  • We recognise that South Africa has its own unique set of challenges given its political history. We have inherited a skewed economy and social structure because of apartheid. We understand the need to address these historical imbalances through careful interventions in the economy, including skills development, affirmative action and black economic empowerment. Government has a role to play in this regard, but we do not believe this extends to giving the state an active role in the affairs of business. To the contrary, we advocate privatisation and deregulation as the best tools for growing the economy to the benefit of all the country’s citizens.
  • We will never toe the corporate line. There are many South African media websites which publish press releases and other company-sanctioned information as news. This is sometimes disguised as “partner content”. We believe they are doing their readers a disservice. Our readers trust us for our high-quality, independent and balanced reporting and analysis. We don’t disguise corporate messages as news. Any content that has been paid for is clearly marked on TechCentral as “sponsored”.

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