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Afrihost offers 250MB of mobile data for R1


Afrihost has launched a new promotion that is sure to get tongues wagging. It is offering consumers of 250MB/month of data for R1.

Seeking to capitalise on the #DataMustFall movement started by online radio deejay Tbo Touch, the Internet service provider’s #DataForAll promotion claims to have no catches. The promotion ends in January 2017.

Afrihost provides the service using MTN’s data network.

“If you use all of your 250MB in the month, you will automatically be capped and never pay another cent unless you choose to top up,” the company said in a statement.

“You will also never use up any of your normal airtime if you reach the end of your Afrihost mobile data.”

Those opting to go out of bundle will pay 10c/MB (about R100/GB).

Consumers have three options when signing up for the #DataForAll deal, Afrihost said.

They can use their data on an MTN prepaid Sim, an MTN contract Sim, or they can get a new Afrihost Sim.

Afrihost said it has set aside a limited number of R1 for 250MB deals, but didn’t say how many.

In January, the company intends reviewing the #DataForAll deal and making a decision on whether to extend, change or stop the promotion.  — © 2016 NewsCentral Media


  1. The catch here is, you need a SIM from MTN (which is high folly as their network sucks) or you need one of their SIM cards. So either way, if you are a Telkom Mobile client, you cannot take advantage of this

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