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MTN confirms CEO Ahmad Farroukh has quit

Ahmad Farroukh

Ahmad Farroukh

MTN on Monday confirmed speculation that its South African CEO, Ahmad Farroukh, has resigned. He will leave MTN’s employ on 31 July, the operator said in a statement.

“This was a difficult decision to take for Ahmad, but unavoidable due to personal and family reasons,” said MTN’s group CEO, Sifiso Dabengwa.

He will leave after just a year in the position. He replaced Zunaid Bulbulia, who also had a short tenure in the hot seat at the South African operation. Bulbulia is now group chief operating officer.

Bulbulia has tried unsuccessfully to end a protracted strike involving some members of the Communication Workers Union. The industrial action started on 20 May.

Farroukh joined MTN in 2006, with the group’s acquisition of Investcom.

“He has fulfilled several roles during his tenure with the group. Farroukh is a former CEO of MTN Nigeria, and served in a similar role at MTN Ghana,” the group said in the statement. “Before assuming the role of group chief operating executive, he was vice-president of the West and Central Africa region.”

MTN said a successor to Farroukh will be announced as soon as the new appointment is finalised.  — (c) 2015 NewsCentral Media


  1. Greg Mahlknecht on

    >“This was a difficult decision to take for Ahmad, but unavoidable due to personal and family reasons,” said MTN’s group CEO, Sifiso Dabengwa.

    Corporate speak for … he was fired.

  2. Greg Mahlknecht on

    Maybe the Group CEO, Maybe the board of directors – Farroukh has had a rather bad time as CEO, I don’t think anybody really thought he’d last very long.

  3. Black Monk on

    Maybe Sifiso Dabengwa can hire a black executive to keep the maximum compliment of staff happy

  4. Pathetic situation..

    He was brought in to reverse the trend started by
    Zunaid..losing customers to cellc, customers realizing MTN is over priced..
    The logic was this man had done it in Nigeris so he could do
    it in SA short can the conditions in Nigeria be same as
    in SA?
    Anyway he comes and slashes all prices, fires a lot of
    people, rolls out bundles after bundles and the poor customer has no clue about
    the one million products that are available from MTN..
    Some products are so complex you need Ph Ds in maths or even
    philosophy to understand the business rules and work out the saving and
    congratulate MTN for beating cellc’s price.
    Comon guys, as an ex MTN friend, I feel sad by this chaos.
    There are good people there but they never get heard by the management.
    Bring someone who is not born and brought up as an MTNer in
    90s to get a view of the world, how the world has changed and how to be a real
    customer champion. And support him. May be some one from the vendor space.

    I guess Vodacom broke free because of the cultural change
    induced by parent Vodafone.. MTN SA is unfortunately the “parent”.

    Good luck!

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