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Big changes at Afrihost


Afrihost is likely to end its popular double data promotion for fixed and mobile broadband, but has decided to launch a new subscription service called Afrihost Plus+ that will give its users access to streaming music and guaranteed access to double data.

At the same time, the company, which recently sold a majority of its shares to MTN, has said it has resolved the biggest problems affecting its digital subscriber line (DSL) users.

In an e-mail to clients on Wednesday, Afrihost CEO Gian Visser said the company would launch Afrihost Plus+ later in the day after customers voiced their interest in its launch. The service will cost R145/month (a lower fee of R99/month applies to early adopters).

Afrihost Plus+ subscribers will get double data of either DSL or mobile data guaranteed, whether or not its double data. “We’re desperately trying to keep them going, but there is a good chance we may have to end the promotions,” Visser said in his e-mail.

They’ll also get a subscription to the Simfy Africa music streaming service. The service normally costs R60/month.

Capped DSL users will also not be capped, but rather throttled to a low speed once they’ve reached their monthly allocation. And mobile data users will get an extra 500MB of data. DSL top-ups will offer double data, too.

Meanwhile, Visser said the big problems Afrihost was having with its DSL traffic management devices has been identified and fixed. “We have seen a marked overall improvement in client experience on our network,” he said.

“The teams from Afrihost, MTN and the device manufacturer are still monitoring the performance 24 hours a day but we are confident that the biggest problem has been fixed.”  — © 2014 NewsCentral Media


  1. International connections still fail miserably on their network. Connections to Xbox Live is as unreliable as ever thanks to Afrihost. Mweb works fine, Web Africa works fine. Everyone including Vodacom works perfectly with the Xbox One except Afrihost. Very disappointed.

  2. I was with them for years, and recently switched to Openweb. I was having too many issues with ADSL data with Afrihost in the past few months – cannot connect after power failures, etc. After switching to Openweb, I noticed that there is a difference in speed, streaming etc. Openweb seems much more stable and consistent and I dont have those connection issues anymore.

  3. of course i dont, I run a office from home, my line syncs at 8.5mgs on a 10mg line, ive had one down afternoon, when my connection dropped I called the support desk and spoke to someone within 3 minutes who fixed my problem, more than 5 times in the last 4 years ive received double my 100g data a month for free. wtf else could i ask for ?

  4. Hi ..When you say connection issues you find the router just reboots often. your DL does not stay up to but far from it until you reboot router or fight with them to reset

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