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BMW, Nissan to roll out national EV grid

The BMW i8

The BMW i8

Vehicle makers Nissan and BMW have reached an agreement to expand electric vehicle charging infrastructure across South Africa.

The memorandum of understanding between the two companies will see them jointly plan and build a national grid of electric vehicle (EV) and plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) charging stations for use by both Nissan and BMW cars.

Nissan South Africa introduced the 100% electric Nissan Leaf in 2013. More recently, in March this year, BMW launched the i3 EV and i8 PHEV in the local market.

The agreement will result in BMW and Nissan rolling out direct current fast-charging stations that are equipped with both the “Combined Charging System 2” used by BMW’s EV and PHEV models and the “Charge de Move” system plug standards used by the Nissan Leaf.


“The national grid of charging stations will also make use of smaller alternating current-type vehicle chargers in certain regions,” the companies said. “As part of the newly signed agreement, these chargers will be equipped with ‘type 2’ sockets that allow the connection of all EVs and PHEVs.”

The infrastructure will be managed by a joint task team comprising executives from both manufacturers.

They did not say how many charging points they intend making available as part of the expanded roll-out.

The agreement between the companies is effective immediately and will run until 2017.  — © 2015 NewsCentral Media

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