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Cable break causes Vodacom outage

A break in fibre-optic cables caused an outage on Vodacom’s network in parts of Gauteng on Friday morning. The cables connect to the company’s data centre in Midrand.

Vodacom spokesman, Richard Boorman says the cause of the break has not yet been determined. “We also don’t know yet which areas have been affected,” he says.

Customers in some of Johannesburg’s northern suburbs have reported a loss of access to the Vodacom network.

Boorman says the company is working to have connectivity restored as soon as possible. However, it’s too early to say when that will happen.

Although Vodacom has not yet been able to determine exactly where the fibre break has occurred, Boorman says a “signal transfer point” — or equipment that routes mobile traffic from one point to another — was impacted by it.

“We have taken that point offline and are working around that to bring customers back onto the network as we speak.”

It does not appear at this stage that connectivity on other mobile networks has been affected.  — Staff reporter, TechCentral

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  1. For Richard Boorman to say “We also don’t know yet which areas have been affected,” is completely unacceptable. They make billions in profits every year and still they have not managed to built the intelligence into their network to show failures points and reroute traffic. Always had this admiration for the engineers at Vodacom but it seems that they are just there to earn the fat salaries. Now you might think come on don’t be so harsh as its hardly happens, well this is reality, their billions in profit are peoples sweat and peoples livelihoods to them delivering services and not only raking in the big bucks.

    This is totally unacceptable and ICASA should impose a fine to recover funds that business have lost because of this and let’s see how quickly they prioritize the network management.

    This should never happen, PERIOD!!!

  2. Local Supporter on

    Maybe Vodacom should consider using local manufactured cables like MTN!

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