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Cell C goes to court over banner


Cellphone network provider Cell C will launch an urgent court action on Monday to have a banner set up in Johannesburg by a disgruntled customer removed, a spokesman said.

The application would be launched in the high court in Johannesburg against the WorldWear Mall along Beyers Naude Drive and the customer.

“Letters of demand to remove the banner were issued to both the customer and the centre management at WorldWear Mall on Thursday evening,” said spokesman Karin Fourie.

“Our demands were ignored by both the customer and the centre management and Cell C had to launch an urgent application to have the banner removed.”

The banner, which appeared professionally printed and bore the Cell C logo, was prominently displayed on the wall of the WorldWear Mall along the busy Beyers Naude Drive.

“The most useless service provider in SA — Cell C Sandton City,” it read.

It gave the name of the franchise manager and his phone number, claiming he had said that his “unnamed executive head refuses to assist the customer”.

Fourie said Cell C was continuing with attempts to resolve the dispute.  — Sapa


  1. maybe they should spend their time sorting out complaints than going to court – Now they just look even stupider

  2. Rule # 1: The customer is always right. No wait!, Take the unsatisfied customer to court. That will bring in more business… Idiots

  3. Soft Anarchist on

    Eish, the truth it hurts ne.
    Happy customers will never put up a sign like that.
    The problem must be big, because to put up a sign like that costs thousands of rand.
    Looks like this customer is totally fed up or desperate.
    He probably has to deal with another totally incompetent call center every day.

  4. aboobaker saber on

    I agree with the dissatisfied client. Cell C mobile internet service stinks.it took me TEN Months to cancel a service that was practically non existent.

  5. Ive been one of cell c’s first contract customers and have been renewing my contract with them every 2 years since november 2001. The last time my contract came up for renewal I asked the call centre agent ‘if there’s any discount or special offers for long term loyal customers’. He bluntly gave me a one word answer “No” – thats literally all he said. Im now a very happy 8ta customer. In my opinion 8ta has the best call centre in the insustry.

  6. Agreed & disagree. Cell C had no choice but to go to court.

    They are damned (and rightly so) because they had to go to court to protect their trademark, logo, etc. If they did not every other disgruntled consumer would be erecting their own banner.

    It would have been substantially cheaper if they were a little more service friendly. My personal experience with Cell C is damning. They are completely and utterly useless in getting the most basic things fixed.

    They deserve every bit of negative publicity right now!

  7. If Cell C’s CEO had any balls (and the intention of improving customer service) he would allow the sign to stay (or buy it, or whatever is necessary to protect their trademarks) and vow to remove it only once customers’ sentiment has improved.

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