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Charge sheet against Telkom CEO revealed

Sipho Maseko

Sipho Maseko

Telkom CEO Sipho Maseko has been accused of incurring traffic fines of R18 000 in the name of another motorist after allegedly driving with falsified number plates and deceiving law enforcement agencies, Bloomberg reported on Friday.

The news wire agency said the figure is contained in court papers filed by prosecutors at the magistrate’s court in Wynberg, Johannesburg.

The R18 000 mentioned is less than the R30 000 that had been been previously reported.

Bloomberg said prosecutors allege that Maseko used a different licence plate to the one he was issued for a period of 18 months, ending in July 2014. This was when officials began their investigation.

The Star reported at the time that Maseko was driving around using his previous vehicle’s number plates, which were legally being used by businessman Mabena Motshoane, who had bought Maseko’s old Range Rover.

It reported that Maseko incurred traffic fines totalling R30 000, but these were sent to Motshoane.

By chance, Motshoane saw Maseko’s car on a Pretoria freeway and noticed he was using his number plates. He opened a case with the metro police, and a case of fraud with Booysens police.

The Star had seen the fines, photographs and video footage of Maseko driving his car with Motshoane’s number plates.

Earlier this week, however, Fin24 reported that Maseko had denied the allegations levelled against him.

“Sipho Maseko received a summons to appear in court on 5 June 2015 on allegations related to a motor vehicle licence plate,” Fin24 quoted Telkom spokesman Jacqui O’Sullivan as saying.

“The lack of clarity related to these allegations has been a frustration in resolving the issue. Having now received full discovery of the allegations, Maseko is now able to study the detail of the allegations and will respond accordingly.

“Maseko vehemently denies any intention to defraud any person or organisation and the necessary representations will be made to progress this matter.

“Maseko would like to address these claims and he now has the opportunity to do so, through the legal process,” said O’Sullivan.

Fin24 quoted Telkom as saying that the matter had been postponed to 4 September.  — TechCentral, with Sapa


  1. michaelgeebee on

    Is it too much to hope that the Law Society disbars him, and that Telkom fires him – he has displayed such a lack of integrity that to allow him to continue as CEO of Telkom and to be registered as a lawyer would be a condonation of his lack of morals and integrity.

  2. Wrong, the more you lie, even in written affidavits, the better you do as a legal vulture. They lie 25/8/400. And always back each other.
    My experience with the legal maffia is undescribably bad.

  3. They continue to spit out their untruths even from their graves, after having spent their lives colluding and conniving to extract your last cents from your accounts.

  4. If the man had the slightest spark of integrity he would resign actually. To try and bluster this through speaks volumes as to the ethics of the leadership in this sad little banana republic. See: Zuma.
    In closing: How does this person get such a nice warm and fuzzy approach by the authorities? If J6P had been found riding around with false plates he would be either doing time or paying a MASSIVE fine and sporting a CRIMINAL RECORD pronto. Rightly so as well! Jeepers to knowingly incur fines on another person’s name seems to be the lowest of the low to me. How do his fellow Telkom directors look at him in board meeting? In the eye or snigger behind his back?

  5. William Stucke on

    In the light of the universally negative comments on this subject: do we actually know all the facts? Is it not better to find out before condemning the man?

    It’s my understanding that this whole affair relates to a personalised number plate.

    If I had the spare cash – and the ego – to get a personalised number plate, I wouldn’t sell it with the car. I’d transfer it to my new car and have the old car revert to its original number. Wouldn’t you?

    And no, I don’t work for Telkom nor do I have any relationship with Sipho Maseko, although I have met him.

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