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Committee’s faith in Muthambi ‘laughable’

Faith Muthambi

Faith Muthambi

Democratic Alliance MP Gavin Davis has lambasted parliament’s portfolio committee on communications for endorsing minister Faith Muthambi’s management of her department and of the SABC.

In a scathing letter to the committee Joyce Moloi-Moropa, Davis has described the committee’s praise of Muthambi’s management of the SABC as “laughable”.

The committee’s report states that the SABC is R1bn in the black, with net profit expected to grow from R19m in 2015/2016 to R179m in the 2017/2018 financial year. The committee expressed its “confidence in the leadership of the minster and that of the SABC”.

But Davis has taken strong exception to the report, saying it “paints a rosy picture of the SABC when we know that this is very far from the truth”.

In his letter, Davis quoted a Sunday Times report that said the SABC is facing a loss of R501m for the 2014/2015 financial year, with a senior executive from the corporation claiming “that this loss was likely to double to R1bn in the next financial year”.

The SABC has not disputed the article, said Davis.

He said it is “laughable” that the committee commended the minister for her leadership of the SABC, while at the same time requesting legal opinion into the lawfulness of her removal of SABC board members.

The committee has requested legal opinion on the removal of board members Hope Zinde, Ronnie Lubisi and Rachel Kalidass.

Davis said the removal of these three members and the three vacancies on the board mean the board is not quorate.

“There are only six nonexecutive board members at the SABC … [so]the board is no longer quorate since the Broadcasting Act requires nine board members to form a quorum at board meetings.”

Gavin Davis

Gavin Davis

Davis also berated the committee for not making recommendations on the SABC, government’s communication arm GCIS, communications regulator Icasa and marketing agency Brand South Africa.

He further stated that the committee had received “plaudits last year because it demonstrated a willingness to hold people to account despite their links to powerful politicians”.

The committee was responsible for bringing pressure to bear on former SABC chair Zandile Tshabalala in the wake of her falsifying her qualifications. Tshabalala resigned in disgrace in December last year.

Davis warned that he hoped that the report was not “a sign of things to come”.

Muthambi is scheduled to present her budget vote speech to parliament on Wednesday.  — © 2015 NewsCentral Media


  1. Vusumuzi Sibiya on

    >>In his letter, Davis quoted a Sunday Times report

    Confirming once again; as is always the case…

    …that there is nothing which any MP from the DA actually knows other than sitting in those comfy seats in parliament, at the tax payer’s expense – waiting for some media publication to cook up some story to make a noise about.

    Now that is what perfectly fits the description – “laughable”

  2. Vincent Fiandeiro on

    You do realise that the Sunday times story was only one component? Also, what exactly do you expect a non governing party to do but to act upon the information provided. They can’t control the police, Parliament,… What they can do is to try hold the world’s most corrupt party to account.

  3. Vusumuzi Sibiya on

    >>the world’s most corrupt party to account.

    Would that also be another excerpt from a reliably “laughable” media source of entertainment which the opposition and other idiots feed on?

  4. Vincent Fiandeiro on

    Nope, common sense. And before you think this a minority view, try to take into account the service delivery protests, the unquantifiable number of court cases and golden handshakes. Not sure how you can pin that all on the media.

  5. ‘cook up some story to make a noise about’ A direct quote/constant urban legend circulating from thousands of ANC supporters using the totally unroadworthy minibus taxis that our eagle eyed local Metro Keystone cops seem utterly unable to pull off the roads. They vote as they choose their means of transport it would appear. Dangerously.
    Good thing the media IS around as the English (English?) being used by this so-called minister is below sub standard grade for a senior civil servant drawing a salary of well over a Bar per annum! Especially as she is the Zuma appointed Minister in charge of…wait for it…COMMUNICATIONS.
    You simply cannot make this Transformation stuff up any more.

  6. Vusumuzi Sibiya on

    >>the English (English?) being used by this so-called minister is below sub standard grade

    Er… not forgetting that we are in Africa; if I may ask – what standard is your Zulu, Sotho or any indigenous African language?

    Perhaps as is the practice in many countries elsewhere around the world – we should have no more than two of the languages of the majority as official languages;

    …and then we can see just how smart some people are when we begin to judge their intelligence by their proficiency in isiZulu or seSotho.

  7. Tuesday Is Soylent Green Day on

    Maybe you should take time to read the myriad auditor-general reports, particularly under the headings of fruitless and wasteful expenditure and corruption. Just because you are an idiot, doesn’t mean the rest of the country is.

  8. Vusumuzi Sibiya on

    You know… if you take time to read the myriad of reports about idiots that you will find online – most don’t use their actual names when commenting on forums and social networks;

    …but that doesn’t apply to you now does it? Since your smart Mama thought it would be a good idea to remind herself of Soylent Green Day by writing that on your birth certificate.

    Now… about the rest of the country – I’m really glad that you are aware that the overwhelming majority of people aren’t idiots…

    …I’m guessing that you’re referring to those making up 64% of the voting public; so you’re not that stupid after all.

  9. Tuesday Is Soylent Green Day on

    way to play the non sequitur. Thanks for proving my point.

  10. Vusumuzi Sibiya on

    Really must be quite a pickle for you to solve – how it is that the same media reports so accurately the majority view in every election poll…??? Eish! so much for my thinking;

    >> And before you think this a minority view,

  11. Vusumuzi Sibiya on

    I really love this game…

    …what point did you successfully prove?

    Let me guess smart guy – is it that cowards who don’t use their actual names are not idiots…???

  12. Vincent Fiandeiro on

    Election poll? (2004) 69.7% -> (2009) 65.9% -> (2014) 62.15%. The Majority are speaking. Some of us choose not to see.

  13. Vusumuzi Sibiya on

    You know Vincent, I really like the fact that you have these previous poll figures from a favorite media source no doubt…

    …being in media myself, I’d have to say that it’s not about choosing to see or not to see – it’s all there to interpret.

    A spike for a new party – COPE which all but vanished and was succeeded by another EFF which is due to suffer the same fate as COPE with internal conflicts;

    Through all of this; whilst the ruling party was certainly on the back-foot the negative impact wasn’t even enough to bring the percentage down to below 60%.

    Things for the coming elections are going to be from a more positive footing for ANC… and I do know that you’ll be monitoring your favorite media source to follow the Majority that will be speaking very closely –

    Those two spikes of the previous elections will be back with the majority vote; and I know you can do the maths on that one – so let’s chat then shall we.

    BTW… there’s a reason why those spikes went the way of newly formed parties and not the DA; and having a black puppet in leadership isn’t going to be changing the majority’s viewpoint – you and I both know that.

  14. Vincent Fiandeiro on

    I agree with you in terms of the influence Cope and Eff had. But you have to admit those parties success lay in the underlying unhappiness the people have with the ANC desperate for some other party to vote for.

  15. Vusumuzi Sibiya on

    >>But you have to admit those parties success lay in the underlying unhappiness the people have with the ANC

    That certainly is no secrete…

    …and fortunately we are now once again working with a united ANC; having proven to the factions (and the other opposition parties) which had hoped to see the might of our party crippled – that they still have a very long battle ahead before they can call themselves a ruling party. Amandla!!!

  16. Dean la Marque on

    its the same majority that vote that are burning and destroying the country over service delivery instead of helping themselves want it for free . Indigenous languages is fair and well but you have all business in the world mostly done in English or Chinese so try use any other language and you wont succeed .intelligence laughable

  17. Vusumuzi Sibiya on

    Top global languages;

    Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic & German

    >>intelligence laughable

    The only statement in your remark that is accurate… and it speaks about you.

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