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Companies save 50% or more on corporate mobile data with execMobile

ExecMobile, a leading mobile data provider in South Africa, known for saving corporate customers up to 90% on mobile data fees when travelling abroad, now saves corporations 50% on local mobile data – and, in most cases, even more.

Data costs are one of the biggest expenses to companies, with almost all businesses facing challenges managing mobile data tariffs, usage and security. This has been exacerbated since the Covid-19 pandemic as staff began working from home and remotely, and business continuity had to be ensured.

Because of the rapid shutdown, many businesses struggled to get their employees set up in a work-from-home environment, and hasty decisions were made – often leading to unnecessary long-term contractual commitments and high-priced data.

“A priority for IT departments,” says Jody Carollissen, GM at execMobile, “is demonstrating cost savings for their organisations. This is where execMobile has shown great success, having saved customers upwards of R380-million on roaming fees last year.

“Our customers have enjoyed large savings compared to month-to-month contracts and, coupled with secure remote access, execMobile has allowed them to move away from their high-priced APNs and long-term commitments. We also prioritise peace of mind, offering leading secure remote access solutions,” says Carollissen.

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APNs vs execMobile

For many years, most corporations used pooled mobile data plans, more commonly known as pooled APNs. The idea, sold by network operators and service providers, was that pooled data typically makes the management of mobile data much simpler than managing individual data Sims, especially for larger mobile estates.

At face value, pooled data plans look like great value for money. However, pooled mobile data is more expensive per gigabyte than individual plans, even more so when depleting the initial data signed for, resulting in higher out-of-bundle rates.

On average, execMobile customers on APNs were paying R100/GB. With the demand for data on the rise due to remote working, staff were averaging between 10GB and 20GB data consumption per month, meaning organisations were paying about R1 000 for 10GB, and R2 000 for 20GB, per user. A company with 100 users, requiring 20GB each, was spending about R200 000 monthly on data.

According to Carollissen, execMobile clients paid only R36 522 for the same amount of data.

Long-term contracts vs execMobile

Internet access is a critical utility for any business, and cost savings in this area are prioritised. To offer competitive pricing, service providers demand long-term commitments from clients – usually 24 months.

Following the lockdown, a leading South African FMCG company retrenched 500 personnel. This meant that 500 individual data Sim contracts, with 17 months remaining on contract were still active. At a monthly cost of R1 000/month, per Sim, the total value of unused data SIMs totalled R8.5-million.

Using a phased approach to replace contract Sims, execMobile provided a month-to-month solution, with customers selecting the data and call bundles best suited per Sim – eliminating any long-term risk.
Whether requiring local or global connectivity solutions, execMobile offers month-to-month contracts.


As more staff work remotely and are not protected by corporate networks, and as organisations move away from highly-priced APNs that include firewalls, IT departments are rightly concerned. In response, execMobile offers a single app to enforce secure mobile access online, allowing companies to secure work-owned devices, and giving staff safe access to the Internet, software as a service and internal applications.

Starting at R45/user, the application can be used across multiple devices such as laptops, phones and tablets. Traffic is automatically forwarded to a secure cloud environment and security and access policies are enforced, regardless of device, location or application. The app determines if a user is accessing the Internet, a SaaS app or an internal app running in the cloud, and routes mobile traffic through the appropriate security service.

About execMobile
ExecMobile provides organisations with secure mobile Internet connectivity for enterprises, travellers or things. Our global solution with failover capabilities gives organisations superior and unprecedented access to reliable and high-quality Internet, with the lowest latency. Organisations can seamlessly deploy eSim data plans across their user base, optimise connectivity cost and fully manage different subscribers in real time, in a centralised manner. Our local solutions will disrupt the mobile data status quo, providing 2021 requirements to a new world created in 2020. For more, visit for Internet security with zero-trust access to internal apps.

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