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Cool Ideas hit by another DDoS attack

Just 10 days after suffering major downtime, Cool Ideas is again blaming a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack for customers’ slow or non-existent connections, this time affecting international services.

“We are currently experiencing a DDoS attack that is affecting all customers on our network’s international traffic,” the fibre broadband Internet service provider said in a notice on its website on Saturday.

“Customers will experience intermittent connectivity loss and degraded performance to any international service/site during this time. Our engineers are currently working to mitigate the attack and hope to restore connectivity soon.”

Earlier this month, Cool Ideas customers were affected by intermittent and sometimes non-existent Internet access for more than 24 hours. The company also blamed a DDoS attack for that incident, but didn’t provide any further details about the source of the attack or who it thought might be responsible.

DDoS attacks typically involve a perpetrator using multiple systems to flood a target’s computers and other resources with junk network traffic to overload them, crippling services in the process.  — (c) 2019 NewsCentral Media

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