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DA blames ANC for SABC crisis

Phumzile van Damme

Phumzile van Damme

Around 200 people protested outside parliament on Tuesday to deliver a list of demands to ANC chief whip Jackson Mthembhu over the recent happenings at the SABC.

Democratic Alliance communications spokeswoman Phumzile Van Damme led the picket in wet Cape Town weather, saying parliament needed to intervene in order to resolve the crisis engulfing the public broadcaster.

Four senior journalists were fired by the SABC on Monday, while another two journalists have since been fired on Tuesday.

“We are here today to picket in support of the four of the ‘SABC 8’ fired by Hlaudi Motsoeneng — Jacques Steenkamp, Krivani Pillay, Foeta Krige and Suna Venter,” Van Damme told the crowd.

“These were hard-working, committed, journalists who committed the ‘sin’ of standing up for the integrity of the SABC.

“We must continue mass rolling action until the integrity of the SABC is restored. We are also here today to demand action from parliament.”

Van Damme also said had Mthembu failed in his duty to act as a function of oversight, by turning down the DA’s request for a special meeting of the communications committee to discuss the crisis.

“In doing so, Mthembu has failed to give effect to his constitutional obligation as a member of parliament to hold government accountable.

“He and the ANC are complicit in the complete breakdown of good governance at the SABC. He has made the institution of Parliament an accessory to this crime.

Van Damme said the DA would hand over a memorandum with 17 demands to communications minister Faith Muthambi and Mthembu’s parliamentary offices.

The demands include reinstating the fired SABC journalists, dropping the charges against the remaining journalists, implementing communications regulator Icasa’s decision to reverse the ban on the airing of footage of violent protests, and to suspend the broadcaster’s chief operating officer, Hlaudi Motsoeneng.

The protest ended at around 11.15am.



  1. Vusumuzi Sibiya on

    >>Democratic Alliance communications spokeswoman Phumzile Van Damme led the picket in wet Cape Town weather,

    Ha! of-course if it wasn’t for the wet Cape Town weather, there would’ve been thousands of people just like those that are always gathering at ANC rallies???

    The DA will never learn…

    …always stringing some puppets to canvas mass support; and that mass support, would no doubt, mean winning over the votes of the very same people who have always supported and been loyal to the ANC;

    …so what better way, than to always play the blame game; and ride that negative anti-government and anti-ANC horse because that is one sure “white-strategy” to win over those black ANC voters. LMAO!!

    When you stop having black puppets for appearance sake and start speaking to the needs of the overwhelming majority of our people;

    …then maybe you might begin to draw the same kind of large numbers that are always filling-up the stadium at Siyanqoba rallies. Amandla!!

  2. The 200 odd people & the mamy many thousands they represented were right. How many or the weather is irrelivent. You seem to be constantly sparked into action with anything anti ANC. In this case, even when the ANC itself agreed it was a wrong decision, uncomstitutional & outside it’s mandate of the SABC to do so.
    Enjoy placing your loyal based cross on the 3rd, the ANC will see just how much Zuma has distroyed & regressed this country. As a matter of interest, I Mr White man would consider voting ANC if it was best for all, certainly NOT for loyalty. A loyalty vote can only be described as a foolish one.

  3. Vusumuzi Sibiya on

    >>You seem to be constantly sparked into action with anything anti ANC.

    Agh shame…

    …and this comment of yours; is your way of proving that you and the very few minority of opposition supporters aren’t in anyway sparked into action by anything anti-DA?? LMAO!!

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