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DA welcomes Nyanda’s axing

Shadow communications minister Natasha Michael

The Democratic Alliance has applauded President Jacob Zuma for firing communications minister Siphiwe Nyanda.

Shadow communications minister Natasha Michael says she is relieved Zuma has taken action to “save” the communications department.

“It was at a point where it could have faced complete collapse,” she says. Michael says the department’s annual report presented to parliament earlier this month was indicative of a failing department.

“The morale in the department is at an all time low. There is no motivation and no drive. What the department needs now is a capable minister,” she says.

Michael says she hopes that newly appointed communications minister Roy Padayachie will be able to fill the gap. However, she says he has a large task on his hands.

“We will support him as much as we can to make sure the department is the best it can be,” she says.  — Candice Jones, TechCentral

  • Grant P

    This should have happened ages ago – that Nyanda monkey is a fraudster – mind you, so is Zuma and look where he is.

  • Impatiently Waiting for Cell C data!

    In what sense do you mean monkey? Cuddly & cute or perhaps a racist moniker?

    I could guess, but anyway, whatever you meant, the sentence didn’t require the use of a word that many consider racist.

    Yep, Nyanda should have gone long ago. Plenty of smoke, so probably a fire.

    I wonder if Digital TV can move on now with the original decision made years ago.

  • Another Andrew

    @Impatiently Waiting

    I think Grant meant monkey as in incompetent. It’s too easy to get caught up in racist rhetoric when using simian metaphors 🙂

    “Plenty of smoke, so probably a fire.” Plenty of flames, fire alarms, big red truck and lots of men wearing helmets and carrying hoses, some people toasting marshmallows and others singing Kumbaya. Yeah, maybe a fire….

  • Dieter Göttert

    I would hesitate to call someone a fraudster – something that a lot of people think of Mr Zuma – come to think of it, the ex- Scorpions had been trying for literally years to charge him – and what happened – still nothing. Those in the know of what happened behind the scenes of the turning points such as Polokwane will know about the plots and botched attempts of keeping Mr Mbeki in power – but the will of the majority was too strong – and so be it – no one is a holy cow.

    Funny how the rape trial, the various statements by the the then director Bulelani Ngcuka et al, and all the negative speculation in the media still did not/could not get a trial started against Jacob Zuma – and all the while that Mr Mbeki was the darling president of SA – or so everyone thought – so unless you are one of those who work back at the ranch, then one can’t blame you for thinking that Mr Zuma is a fraudster, a crook, a rapist and what not – and guess what – look who’s in charge now

    As for General Nyanda – well supose he should have gone a long time ago seeing that the SABC has deteriorated into a complete circus under his watch – too little too late

  • Another Andrew

    Shabir Shaik was convicted for being in a “corrupt relationship” with Zuma, and since corruption requires a bi-directional exchange, surely therefore Zuma is/was corrupt. Corruption requires some element of fraud. Thus Zuma is/was a fraudster. QED?

    Please note that you don’t need to be convicted in order to be guilty. With the current state of the Hawks, the chance of conviction for any kind of organised crime seems to be remote.

  • Dieter Göttert

    A lion is a dangerous animal- it has 4 legs – a cow also has 4 legs and therefore must also be dangerous….!!??

    Not as simple as that – and I wouldn’t believe everything that the press spews out these days either

  • Confused

    i mean really? Fikile Mbalula, from Police, to a minister of Sports, come on! maybe because He loved soccer while growing up!? atleast if they “BLIND” us and put people with Qualification, even if they are not going to perform as they always dont.. South Africans are not that dumb..

  • Another Andrew

    @Dieter. Socratic logic not your strong point?