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Dimension Data unveils its first managed secure e-mail service for Middle East, Africa

Mimecast’s Paul Stafford

As e-mail attacks become more multi-vector, sophisticated and targeted, organisations are layering multiple security controls to a point where managing them across an ever-expanding attack surface has become complex and challenging, especially given the resources required to leverage them efficiently.

Dimension Data has partnered with Mimecast to provide a Managed Secure Email service to help organisations address the growing number of advanced threats targeting users, including spam, business e-mail compromise attacks, malware and spear phishing. Managed Secure Email will help ensure that organisations are secure by design, offering protection from malicious activity, human error and technology failure.

Mimecast’s State of Email Security 2020 report found that organisations saw a 53% increase in phishing attacks and a 45% increase in ransomware attacks in the last 12 months. As e-mail-borne attacks grow, a layered approach to cyber resilience is required to protect any organisation from the growing cyber threats. This approach must address threats at the perimeter, inside an organisation and beyond – helping to prevent brand exploitation and minimise downtime.

“By using Mimecast’s cyber resilience solutions and global threat intelligence, Managed Secure Email is seamlessly integrated with Dimension Data’s Security, Orchestration, Automation and Response (Soar) platform to improve response automation. This integration is engineered to enable faster incident response to incoming threats, better threat analysis, fully orchestrated remediation workflows and proactive awareness training based on employee risk in an organisation. It will also help ensure rapid implementation of any new capabilities launched on Mimecast’s platforms,” says Mari-Louise Labuschagne, product development executive: Intelligent Security, Dimension Data.

Time consuming

To protect against today’s evolving cyber threats, security and IT teams often add multiple, disparate point solutions into their e-mail environments. The management of these solutions typically requires in-house staff training and is almost always time consuming and costly. By partnering with Mimecast, Dimension Data is able to help security and IT teams increase productivity by addressing e-mail security as a managed service.

“Mimecast’s partnership with Dimension Data has always been strategic and together we have helped protect customers throughout the Middle East and Africa from advanced threats. With the introduction of Managed Secure Email, we will be able to protect even more organisations and minimise the disruption caused by cyberattacks,” says Paul Stafford, vice president for Africa at Mimecast.

“Due to the pandemic, cybercrime and blended or multi-vector attacks are on the rise. Members of the security industry need to work together to protect organisations from an array of threats. Dimension Data’s managed service will help secure organisations of all sizes and from all sectors, with the right security measures, allowing them to leverage actionable threat intelligence so they can quickly respond to attacks and remediate threats,” says Stafford.

“Dimension Data’s Intelligent Security business continues to invest in its capability to support its efficiency and scalability for clients. The partnership between Mimecast and Dimension Data’s managed security services brings together two of the largest security-related capabilities in the Middle East and Africa. It was natural for us to leverage the technical expertise of both of our organisations to support our clients across all stages of their e-mail security journey,” says Labuschagne.

“We are facing a cybersecurity budget and skills shortage globally and not every organisation is able to effectively manage its security infrastructure in-house. Managed services are therefore essential to help build resilient organisations that are always protected in an ever-evolving threat landscape,” says Stafford.

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