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DStv grows SABC News footprint


MultiChoice is extending the footprint of the South African public broadcaster’s 24-hour TV news channel, SABC News, on its DStv satellite pay-TV platform to the rest of the continent.

There’s been no official announcement or statement from the SABC, but from today the SABC News channel will now be available to DStv subscribers in several other African countries.

The extended footprint for SABC News comes almost two years after the channel finally launched on DStv in August 2013.

SABC News replaced the SABC’s first struggling attempt at a 24-hour news channel named SABC News International.

SABC News International was unceremoniously shut down after bleeding millions of rand after just three years in operation at the end of March 2010.

The SABC News channel is part of a highly controversial deal worth millions of rand that the public broadcaster’s chief operating officer Hlaudi Motsoeneng signed with MultiChoice.

As part of the deal, SABC News, produced with public broadcaster resources as a public broadcasting TV channel, is exclusively available to DStv only, keeping it off StarSat and OpenView HD.

In March, the SABC planned to remove all of the half hour bulletins in all of the other official South African languages besides English on the SABC News channel from April, due to the coming extended reach of the channel further into Africa, but then ended up not going through with the change.

“Because the channel [SABC News] is aired in other countries, it only makes sense to keep the channel entirely English,” the SABC said at the time.

Asked about the extended footprint further into Africa, MultiChoice confirmed that SABC News is becoming available in more African nations on DStv besides just South Africa.

“The SABC News channel is being added to DStv across the Africa continent on 22 May as part of our celebration of Africa Month. We believe this channel will be particularly relevant to the hundreds of thousands of expatriate South Africans who live in other parts of the continent,” says MultiChoice.

“Together with approximately 2,4m DStv customers outside of South Africa, they will now have access to 24-hour South African news, information and opinion,” says the satellite pay-TV operator.  — Channel24


  1. How much did Imtiaz Patel pay Hlaudi and his ANC buddies in their personal accounts ?
    For sure this deal, especially the exclusivity of the channel for Dstv only, and the unlimited access to the SABC archives is a bottom price bargain for the ultra rich near monopoly of Multichoice/Dstv.

    It was a 5 year deal for R 550 million. Meaning only R 110m per year for SABC News, Encore and unlimited access to all SABC archives.
    We sure like monopolies in SA. A near one party state, one broadcaster Dstv/SABC.

    Maybe the SABC choir can also perform some praise singing for Imtiaz now.

  2. Vusumuzi Sibiya on

    >>We sure like monopolies in SA. A near one party state, one broadcaster Dstv/SABC.

    Come on Marcan… You know very well that there’s the other-side to this coin;

    What’s stopping you with all your skills and know-how from teaming up with the multitudes who would certainly not want to see near monopolies become even stronger…???

    …and what’s stopping the many other parties, on every election ballot, from forming a united force and presenting what would be some form of real opposition…???

    Too much rambling, whinging & whining rather than getting focused on making a real difference that would be to the benefit of the country as a whole. You would think that the results of this ongoing strategy are clearly obvious to anyone with some basic common sense;

    …but this is the same fruitless path of always banging ones head against the wall in anticipation of a different results that most, who believe themselves to be so smart in this country – are always going to be following with you also not being an exception.

    The only time when there’s some little change; is as a result of problems stemming internally from within the ruling party – and then some former opposition leader will make claim to having made significant strides during her term – when the real truth is that the writing is already written on the wall and there’s nothing else that threatens the now united ANC from within…

    And so, why not throw in that young black puppet we have and when things at the polls go the way of returning to when you are up against a united ANC; all will be able to realize and confirm that things were better with the white leaders heading the opposition…

    …pretty smart the way the fork-tongued roll; don’t you think?

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