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Dysfunctional Post Office jacks up prices


The South African Post Office’s annual rates increase has occurred without much publicity both through the media and at Post Office branches around South Africa.

The increases took effect on 1 April, with most basic postal services increasing by between 30c and 70c.

The Post Office did not publish any press release and its rate card is not easily visible on its website, while there are allegedly no brochures in its branches around South Africa.

Small ordinary mail increased from R3 to R3,30 (an increase of 10%), medium mail from R5,95 to R6,55 (10,1%) and large mail from R7,30 to R8 (9,6%).

In one of the major changes to its rates card, the company cancelled its popular Econoparcel option, increasing that size of mail’s price from R22,80 to R40,90 (an increase of 79,4%).

Fin24 user Paul Knight alleged that the Post Office had not even informed its staff. But the company said its staff did receive a message on the point-of-sale system before the service was suspended.

Fin24 user Nick Collins said he was frustrated that the Post Office had not communicated the price increases with the public.

“A week after the postal rates increase, we have yet to find out what the new prices are,” he said. “No Post Office has the pamphlets, or knows the prices.

“We inquired at a Post Office for the new brochure, but were told to go to the government printing works website, which doesn’t have it.”

Collins said the rates were not on the Post Office website, but the rates card is actually buried under “frequently asked questions” and is not easy to find when landing on the homepage.

Sapo spokesperson Johan Kruger said that he will alert the Post Office tellers to the location of the online rate card to ensure they give customers the right information.

Download the rates card here.  — Fin24


  1. “Dysfunctional post office”.
    OMG, was it only the post office, but it’s also Eskom, and actually most parts of government and its so beloved SOE’s.
    Which renders most of SA effectively dysfunctional.
    But on an “inspiring” note, our inept, corrupt Number One rolled out the red carpet recently for the 91 year old delusional dictator from up north, who had 20,000 Matebele exterminated by a special North Korean trained unit in the early 1980s, and had hundreds of opponents eliminated and a multiple of that tortured or assaulted since 2000.
    SAPO, just like SAA, Telkom, Eskom, SABC/Sentech should all be auctioned off ASAP. Sell it !
    Eskom should be first split up in 3 or 4 power producing units and a company that runs the grid.

  2. Try calling the post office HQ and see how far you get. None of the customer services numbers are working. No-one is answering at the ‘Head Office’ Try it. The number is 012 649 7000. Banana Republic status is now official!!

  3. Im glad to say that there is now hardly anything left that I need the post office for. Bills are now e-mailed and only using them for my car license. For my part, they can raise their prices but Im not using them anymore for post.

  4. You Sir/Madam are 20 years out. My garden person has just informed me that FULL Banana Republic status was actually conferred at the Union Buildings (They haven’t been disappeared like Rhodes yet have they? I mean they were designed by a Colonial Brit a Sir Herbert Baker an’ all) on 27 April 1994.
    The garden person should know as he showed me a picture of the entire shambles…errr..sorry.. event on the wall of his Kya.
    Betcha can’t wait for the 27th hey? Thought so. Me? Not so much.

  5. Interesting how cheap mail is in the USA… I regularly receive tracked parcels from there.
    I have brought in a 90kg parcel and that cost me all of $45….
    Other smaller tracked parcels are $5..
    The dimwits here suck values out of their behinds, they must have a spreadsheet that shows an income bottom-line, that’s all they see, how much they can steal..
    You EARN a salary, not just RECEIVE an inflated payment because you occupy a position..

  6. > The South African Post Office’s annual rates increase, which has come in well above inflation

    How so? It was my understanding that they are subject to price cap regulations on reserved services as per GG 34129, although implementation has been postponed at least once. See GG 34944 for exemption for 2012/2013. Did they get exemption AGAIN?

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