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E-book: Nutanix presents Anatomy of a Private Cloud

In this free-to-download e-book, Nutanix examines the properties of a private cloud infrastructure, allowing you to determine if this technology is right for your business.

Learn how private cloud can allow your business to deliver new digital services more quickly, and how it can allow you to organise, analyse and utilise growing data stores effectively. It will also allow you to determine what hurdles are preventing you from optimally utilising your private cloud, such as having an inflexible architecture or brittle automation.

The e-book examines next-gen private cloud, it addresses security issues (and the philosophy of Zero-Trust Security), and how to establish a baseline of protection.

Whether your goals are improved collaboration, data utilisation, security or maximising your digital transformation, a full understanding of what private cloud can offer your business is crucial in your decision-making process. Download The Anatomy of a Private Cloud, Five Must Have Capabilities for the Enterprise, now.

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