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E.tv ‘committed’ to digital TV


E.tv chief operating officer Mark Rosin has said the free-to-air broadcaster is “disappointed” after losing a high court application brought against communications minister Faith Muthambi over the use of encryption in government-subsidised set-top boxes for digital terrestrial television.

The broadcaster had taken the minister to court, challenging her decision to change South Africa’s broadcasting digital migration policy to state that encryption will not be included in the subsidised set-top boxes, which will be provided free of charge to about 5m poorer households.

But the high court on Thursday dismissed e.tv’s application, handing a victory to Muthambi and to broadcasters MultiChoice and the SABC, both of which are strongly opposed to the use of encryption in free-to-air terrestrial television.

On Friday, Rosin said e.tv is still “considering its options” — presumably meaning an appeal is still possible — but said the broadcaster “remains committed to the roll-out of digital terrestrial television and other digital platforms such as free satellite platform OpenView HD”.

He said e.tv’s channel offering for digital TV has been ready for some time. “We look forward to the opportunity to offer South Africans a variety of great channels on digital terrestrial TV comprising many hours of local dramas, movies, music, kids programming and educational shows,” he said.

Rosin added that e.tv has long argued that government-subsidised digital set-top boxes should have the capability to support encryption. “This would prevent pirate set-top boxes from receiving the broadcast signal, thereby ensuring a uniform and reliable viewer experience, the ability to broadcast premium and high-definition content, and a boost for the local manufacturing industry.”  — © 2015 NewsCentral Media


  1. One only wishes Mr. Rosin were equally ‘committed’ to putting on some decent bloody TV programmes occasionally, in place of the endlessly recycled dumbed down garbage sit-com’s he obviously feels his audience approves of.
    I personally thank the Lord for RT.

  2. Vusumuzi Sibiya on

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    …but that would be an indicator of your level of intelligence – No guessing as to who the idiot with two brain cells is.

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  4. Vusumuzi Sibiya on

    What I know is that you have the intelligence of an “omoeba”

    …and what everyone knows is that Multichoice is out of place in your simplistic equation moron.

    >>You are just ANC zombie walking off the cliff like all King Shakas impies.

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  6. Vusumuzi Sibiya on

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  8. Vusumuzi Sibiya on

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  9. William Stucke on

    Vusi, it’s obvious where his error lies. However, immediately jumping to ad hominem abuse is totally uncalled for – from either of you.
    Now we have 7 out of 9 postings that add no value to the rest of us.

  10. Collin Mackenzie on

    Mr Rosin – Must tell the truth and be ashamed he knows the truth and should advise them properly in the best interest of South Africa and the broadcasting industry at large.
    another uneducated and conditional statement from an organisation that once had the best creditably and business ethos an organisation that I once admired.

    Please Mr Rosin rather talk about your to CSI projects afor and the value you organisation does that contributes to nation building rather than saying ready, ready prove it, we wana see this experience you have been talking about for years and STOP these courses case and learn to work together as a unit Please.

  11. Government should have supported our local productions, film makers, documentary producers, music video makers, etc by using conditional access. A great job creation opportunity is missed – again. Content owners are spending huge amounts on productions and they need copyright protection.

  12. Vusumuzi Sibiya on

    Just read the TC article – Who cares if Taylor Swift gets paid?

    …and I got so much value from the comment postings there; I guess if the headline and pic were of a Zulu Maskandi artist I would’ve bothered to read earlier –

    …so ad hominem abuse of “poor old” Taylor Swift is definitely something which she deserves??? Let me guess… that was the kind which YOU find amusing.

  13. Collin Mackenzie on

    It’s done let’s move on now and learn from this,wwhatever the loss is or gains and move forward.
    free at last! !!!

  14. Collin Mackenzie on

    This whole has been a huge fuss and it’s about control,con tool nothing else.

    Hence it’s called a control system with no value or benefit to anyone but to help those with commercial interests
    To the minister and the high court job well done.

    Let’s see now the facts and the fiction and maybe we could say they were right but I really don’t think that the real motives was in the interests of the public and South Africa at large.

    Congrats minister I have Faith in you.

  15. William Stucke on

    Well, Vusi, if you read my first comment, you will notice that I refrained from commenting on the merits of her argument. Later, I answered a question from Davebee, in a hopefully moderately amusing way.
    However, at no stage did I “abuse” or make an “ad hominem attack” on Taylor Swift. Remember, ad hominem refers to attacking the person, rather than the argument.
    How do my comments on her differ from discussion on these pages? Simple. When one becomes a Public Figure – or a superstar – in exchange for fame and fortune, one loses a significant amount of privacy. Your every action and word becomes subject to public comment.
    She did, BTW, write a perfectly reasonable letter to Apple – which she chose to publish on her blog. By so doing, she abrogated any rights of privacy or protection from public comment.
    Until late last year, I was a public figure – but by no means a superstar! During my 5 years National Service at ICASA, I was subject to public inspection and comment. I grinned and bore it. It wasn’t always pleasant. Now I’m delighted to say that I am once again a private citizen, and entitled to the usual modicum of decorum and anonymity, unless of course, I make a complete public fool of myself 😉
    Taylor Swift has chosen to exchange that anonymity of the private citizen for the millions that she has made from her music. That’s her choice.

  16. Vusumuzi Sibiya on

    >>During my 5 years National Service at ICASA, I was subject to public inspection and comment. I grinned and bore it. It wasn’t always pleasant.

    And therein lies your problem… it’s not so much the trait of the “fork tongue” or the tendencies of “double standards” but a case of old habits “die hard” just like in the movies that have the other whitee that looks like you or behaves like you rather.

    This is the internet William and the last thing it needs is to be regulated. Social online platforms thrive on – one troll vs the millions and no matter what YOU like; people are free to express themselves as they choose… it’s not your prerogative. You’ll just have to do as you’ve done before –

    >>I grinned and bore it.

    Things are going to be unpleasant at times; and I’m certainly not here on this planet to live up to anyone’s expectations nor do I feel that the world needs to live up to my expectations.

  17. William Stucke on

    I have no idea what you are talking about. Keep taking the little green pills.
    Nothing I said about Ms Swift was not objectively verifiable.

  18. Vusumuzi Sibiya on

    >>Keep taking the little green pills.

    …now that’s a great “fork tongue” start to revealing who you really are. So why were you claiming…???

    >>I have no idea what you are talking about.

    Well, you just keep on with attempting to be the regulator of a social online platform; I’m sure there’s a few puppets out there who may just take you seriously.

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