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Solar is good news for business – and we all need some good news

The power is there, get informed and go for it. As a business with 40 years behind its name, Ellies has vast experience. Our struggle for consistent and cost-efficient electricity is something we share with every business in South Africa.

Ellies has always focused on consumer-orientated solutions. Our success comes from considering what people need – that’s why we are market leaders in solar solutions for all sizes of commercial and agricultural enterprises and any lifestyle.

Making the decision that steers towards alternative energy solutions is pivotal to growth. As the collective dependence on electricity grows, the more our utility cannot keep up – so the more business health falls victim to depression. Load shedding has taken its toll on our lifestyles for too long; and is compromising businesses unless they have the backup of an alternative power source.

No injection can boost the immunity of our economy, except with what Ellies calls “vitamin happiness”. Sunshine is not only a source of vitamin D — essential for the health of your body — but it can also turn our depressed economy around. With the power of the sun as a reliable source of energy — for every home, for power-hungry operations such as mines and manufacturing firms, and for small enterprises and micro businesses — the lack of electricity is no longer a setback.

Ellies Solar is a turnkey, future-fit energy solution. First, we audit your energy consumption to determine your energy demand. Secondly, we’ll do a site visit to ensure our solution suits the structural integrity of your site. Next, we’ll tailor a solution to match your circumstances, including financial viability. Then, on approval of our quote, qualified installers will go to work to the highest of standards. Last, but not least, we provide real-time energy management software tools and on-hand maintenance, anywhere, any time.


We’ve learnt over decades that a quality product equals a quality solution. We only deal with reputable suppliers who can back their products with warranties and who are cutting edge in technological developments – companies such as Sunsynk, Hoymiles and Canadian Solar, to name but a few.

All inverters come with a five-year warranty, batteries carry a 10-year warranty and photo-voltaic panels have a 25-year efficiency warranty. Our end-to-end solutions promise you the confidence and commitment from an industry leader with a 12-month installation warranty. Who other than Ellies is offering this?

Do your homework before you buy into solar. For a solar solution that meets your needs, contact Ellies on 010 800 1464. Go Ellies! Go solar!

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