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Eskom to fight Maroga’s R85m claim

Jacob Maroga

Eskom will oppose the R85m lawsuit filed against it by ousted CEO Jacob Maroga, the parastatal said on Sunday. “We are aware of it and we will oppose it,” the company said.

According to the Sunday Times, Maroga filed a civil claim at the South Gauteng high court demanding “reasonable damages” or reinstatement as CEO. He is suing his former employer, its acting CEO and chairman Mpho Makwana, and the minister of public enterprises Barbara Hogan.

He accuses the board of conspiring to fire him illegally under the veil of a voluntary resignation.

Maroga’s court papers further detail the lifestyle enjoyed by the CEO of Eskom at taxpayers’ expense. This includes R14,5m for loss of salary, R45m for incentives and R7m for other benefits.

The papers show that, at just over R5m, Maroga’s annual salary was twice that of President Jacob Zuma and three times that of Hogan.

Details of Maroga’s spat with former chairman, Bobby Godsell, are also provided. Both Maroga and Godsell left the parastatal amid controversy in November last year.  — Sapa

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  1. Anonymous Coward on

    Now that’s what I’d call a Greedy Fat Cat – no doubt he cannot afford his lavish lifestyle anymore, and is desperately looking for a fatcat “golden handshake” to supplement his current income, in order to keep up his lavish and extravagant lifestyle.

    Maroga, get a life and get lost. We don’t need greedy fatcat buggers like you in SA anymore, we cannot afford you. Emigrate overseas rather, I’m sure they will be delighted to have a fatcat there.

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