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Ex-IS chief MacRobert to invest in tech sector

Angus MacRobert

Former Internet Solutions (IS) CEO Angus MacRobert has acquired a stake in Three6Five Network Solutions in what is the first of a number of investments he plans to make in the information and communications technology industry.

MacRobert (pictured), who left IS in October last year after eight years for “personal reasons”, was under a restraint of trade from IS parent Dimension Data until 1 April. This kept him from any dealings in the technology industry. With the restraint lifted, MacRobert says he can “move on and start a new career”.

The terms of the Three6Five deal have not been disclosed, though MacRobert says he has acquired a minority stake. He plans to be actively involved in the business and has been appointed as a director.

Three senior ex-IS staffers — Jeff Fletcher, George Stylianou and Mauritz Lewies — founded Three6Five 12 months ago to provide high-level consulting and engineering support to enterprise customers and Internet service providers.

The company particularly wants to assist smaller Internet service providers that are expanding in Africa, providing services like product development, business-case development and technical consulting. In the enterprise space, services include providing vendor-neutral advice to companies evaluating vendor proposals, and network auditing.

MacRobert, who was succeeded at IS by long-time Dimension Data executive Derek Wilcocks, says he plans to invest in “four of five” companies, all in the technology industry, becoming operationally involved with all of them and, in some cases, helping them expand outside SA.  — Duncan McLeod, TechCentral


  1. Laura Stylianou on

    Congrats guys- we wish you all the best! Proud of you George!
    Love Laura

  2. Litsa Roussos on

    You have brought together the stars of what will definately be a winning team! The sky is the limit, now go out and make it happen. Your realm will extend the extraordinary! Congratulations.

  3. Well done Gus, I am sure you will go far, and may you have the success that you did with IS and even more.

    You were always a people’s person @ IS which made you a great leader, I am sure you will do the same in your new ventures.

    IS is now a becoming a corporate with more DD than IS. It is longer a Family; I hope you maintain a culture of closeness within your new ventures, which will make them truly diverse as they grow.
    Remember that if people are happy within you organisation, they will feel as part of the organisation. Wellness means wealth and people are fuel to that wealth.

    And as you used to say :
    Love your work!

  4. awesome news and congratulations. Jeff, Mauritz, George, you are a great bunch of guys with a wealth of experience and knowledge, together with Gus, very explosive 🙂

    Goodluck and good going !!

  5. Gus, congrats to you and the Three6Five gents (Jeff, George, Mo and Richard) on a venture that will continue to take the market by storm. An exciting move and I will be watching further developments with great interest.

    A story that everyone is keen to see unfold…

  6. Ewan Shannon on

    Congrats, I hope it becomes a very fruitfull endeavor. Africa needs new exciting players.

  7. congrats to you and the team, Gus. Awesome news, Guys. Good luck on your new endeavours

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