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Facebook unveils new logo

Facebook has unveiled a new corporate logo which will be stamped across its family of apps in its latest move to bring its various platforms under one roof.

The firm will retain its distinctive blue logo and design on its main social network, creating a visual distinction between the growing company and its flagship app.

A new capitalised logo will appear on the tech giant’s other services, ranging from WhatsApp to Instagram.

Facebook said the brand change was being carried out to better communicate its “ownership structure” to people and businesses who use it.

In June, the firm began adding its name onto Instagram and WhatsApp, marking them as “from Facebook”.

The decision is the latest step by the firm to draw its apps closer together, after CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced plans to integrate parts of WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger in January.


A large element of proposals to merge the messaging apps on the back end is switching to end-to-end encryption, which UK home secretary Priti Patel and her counterparts in the US and Australia recently warned could prevent child abusers and terrorists being caught.

It also comes as the social network faces calls in the US to be broken up, notably from presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren, who argues that the biggest players of the tech industry have become too powerful.

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