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Five workplace trends in 2020 and beyond – free e-book

Telecommuting has become reality for over 70% of the global workforce. We communicate from our desks, our meeting rooms, our office branches, our homes, and in transit. This digital empowerment removes the barriers between ideas and actions.

Download this free e-book, brought to you by Axiz and Logitech, which explores digital workplace trends in the age of collaboration, and focuses on:

  1. The dominance of the cloud
  2. The growth of telecommuting
  3. Video as the new norm in communication
  4. Variety and choice in workspaces
  5. A digitally native workforce reports that transforming complex communication processes into intuitive and intelligent solutions allows organisations to scale and maximise resources. This e-book provides valuable research and a pragmatic approach to tackling workplace trends and challenges – allowing you to ready your organisation for the future.

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