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Four-fifths of Nigeria’s software is pirated


A new study by the Business Software Alliance (BSA) has revealed that the commercial value of unlicensed software in Nigeria exceeded US$287m in 2013. It estimates that 81% of the software installed on Nigerian PCs in Nigeria in 2013 was not properly licensed.

In the Middle East and Africa, the commercial value of unlicensed software was over US$4.3bn in 2013, the study says. Worldwide, unlicensed software makes up 43% of all software installed on PCs. Emerging markets now account for 56% of all PCs in use worldwide and 73% of all unlicensed software installations. Source: Vanguard

MTN to launch new Music App in Nigeria
MTN Nigeria will soon roll out a new music streaming platform called Music+. The streaming and download platform is optimised for mobile and the accompanying app has social media elements built in for users to share and comment on tracks.

The app is in beta and will be available on a number of platforms, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Nokia’s Asha.

There is also a desktop version available. MTN’s Music+ platform promises no advertisements during playback, but users will be able to download a song for about N50 (R3,30). The Music+ app is expected to launch in Nigeria this month. Source: Guardian News

Third Yahsat satellite set for launch
A third Yahsat satellite is set to extend YahClick’s broadband Internet in Africa. Middle Eastern satellite operator Yahsat plans to launch the satellite as part of plans to expand coverage to 17 countries and 600m users. Scheduled to launch in 2016, the Al Yah 3 satellite will have a design that optimises cost, capacity and coverage. Source: Soko Directory

Rwanda’s tackles cyber security
The Rwanda Defence Forces (RDF) are in the process of putting in place a stronger and more equipped cyber department to focus on protecting national ICT infrastructure. Defence minister James Kabarebe says the cyber unit has been allocated Rwf1,1bn (R17m) from the ministry’s budget for the purpose. Source: PC Tech Magazine

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