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Free education for all impossible, says Blade

Blade Nzimande

Blade Nzimande

Free higher education for all was impossible, higher education minister Blade Nzimande said on Thursday.

Government policy made no mention of free higher education, he told student representatives from 26 universities around the country.

This was on the back of thousands of students taking to the streets in the last few weeks, disrupting academic activities while demanding free education.

The event on Thursday, which was also attended by delegates from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme and professors, was held at the Southern Sun hotel at OR Tambo International Airport.

“You can’t have free higher education for everyone in a capitalist society,” Nzimande said. “That would be saying that as I, as a minister, government must pay for my child… I must pay for it myself because I can afford it.”

Explaining the consequences for this, Nzimande said: “You would be taking money from the poor to subside [sic]the rich. That is my view”.

He added that current student funding was dedicated to ensuring that students got their first undergraduate qualification, not a B Tech or further qualifications.

“We are not unaware that you cannot do certain things with a diploma but that is part of this aspect that we need to talk about,” he said.
Nzimande explained that free education was never actually free.

“There is really nothing like free education. Someone is actually paying,” he said.  — News24


  1. Have we never considered the internet and its power in terms of transformation ?
    education is already free!! (And probably cheaper than building massive institutions). Large businesses could relax their intake/recruitments standards asking for a certain number or type of online courses to be completed for a specific role and then offer studies to the employed. There are many possibilities that need to be considered.

  2. 1)-cut their salaries;
    2)-get rid of all comrades on full retirement; With benefits;
    3)get rid of his 17 unnecessary luxury vehicles;
    4)- return R that 700 Million that has been “Lost” by the regime;
    5)-stop gallivanting arround the world! Nobody out there actually gives a damn about the clown King of Nkandle; And the regime’s total incompetence;
    6)- stop flying the president’s bed warmers around the world; Because he should be grown up enough to not need their nurturing, anymore.
    Do all that and Comrade Blade you could go a long way towards free tertiary education.

  3. SSSh! They might decide to force wealthy fools to subsidise the ignorance of the masses; Especially if they’re white. Remember! In Marxist nations one is not allowed access to the truth, or information of any sort; That is the preserve of the security police; Which will make their reappearance under tripartheid, as they did under apartheid.

  4. one of this Comrade Turkey’s comments elsewhere stands out :
    “free education is impossible in Capitalist SA” Dear Comrade Minister and leader of a failed Minority party”, ” It is also impossible in a Marxist Nation; Because educated professionals would rather leave acess pit to the ignorant fools; like those Who voted this regime into its position of “rape and pillage” Than hang around and let total incompetents; Who don’t know what WORK is; Steal everything; That they’ve worked hard for; “Unlike, you dear Comrade and your puppet most of the rest of us; Even the White ones! Don’t earn obscene and undeserved salaries of R2 Million; Though I do understand that having to put up with the flatulence, immaturity and ignorance of your lazy puppet, our president; Must be a stressful job?

  5. Ha ha……perfect ‘To do List’ they could start with !!!

    Of course, the chances of this happening……..

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