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Get your smartphone app designed by a reputable company

Building a new smartphone app is a daunting and expensive task, with development costs ranging between R400 and R1 500/hour.

The development time of a custom application can easily exceed 500 hours, which translates into a price tag of around R500 000 for a new app.

Codehesion CEO Hector Beyers said that as a result, the company often encounter clients who are perplexed by the wide range of quotes they receive to develop a new smartphone app.

This can be confusing, but instead of focusing only on price, Beyers advised companies to consider the trustworthiness of the company they will be hiring.

“When launching your mobile app, you only have one chance to make a great impression on your users,” said Beyers.

He said selecting the cheapest option typically results in a poor smartphone app and an unpleasant overall experience for its users.

“Software and mobile development are not just about working through a list of features – it is ensuring a world-class product which is a pleasure to use,” he said.

How to select a good development company

Beyers provided guidelines to South African businesses looking to develop a new smartphone app:

  • Select a South African development company that you can visit and with whom you can have regular progress meetings.
  • Look at the track record of the company and examples of apps which it has recently developed.
  • Ask the company about the qualifications and experience of the developers who will be working on your app.
  • Select the best company to develop your app, not just the cheapest one.

Beyers said businesses should see app development the same as open-heart surgery, where selecting the cheapest quote is not a good idea.

He invited companies who are looking to develop a new smartphone app to contact Codehesion for guidance.

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