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Gordhan fires ‘political bazooka’ at Molefe

Pravin Gordhan

Pravin Gordhan

Finance minister Pravin Gordhan has fired “the political equivalent of a bazooka” at Eskom CEO Brian Molefe, Democratic Alliance MP David Maynier said on Monday, after national treasury issued a statement saying that the state-owned power utility has ignored queries about a deal with Gupta-controlled Tegeta Exploration & Resources.

“To date, not only has Eskom failed to honour its undertaking to submit comments to treasury’s report but it has chosen to ignore correspondence and put all form of hindrances,” national treasury said in the statement.

“It is treasury’s view that a company or entity that is doing business with government and has nothing to hide should be transparent and should welcome reviews of its dealings with the state.”

Treasury ordered Eskom to desist from claims it had made that coal supply agreements it had signed with Tegeta had been audited by the finance ministry.

“National treasury has noted with concern the statement issued by Eskom on Sunday, 28 August that it has been cooperating with the process of reviews of the coal contracts. National treasury would like to categorically state that its efforts have met resistance.”

Maynier welcomed treasury’s move, saying Gordhan has accused Molefe of “repeatedly resisting attempts to obtain further information, vital to the review, from Eskom”.

Brian Molefe

Brian Molefe

“It’s hard not to conclude that Brian Molefe is protecting the Guptas … who have threatened to interdict national treasury from making a report, relating to the review, public following an application by myself in terms of the Promotion of Access to Information Act,” Maynier said.

“We cannot allow Molefe to behave as if he is a law unto himself, entitled to give the equivalent of a middle finger to reviews being conducted by national treasury,” he added.

Maynier said he will write Yunus Carrim, who chairs parliament’s standing committee on finance, to request a meeting with Molefe.  — © 2016 NewsCentral Media


  1. Zuma, please call off your dogs. Molefe is going to ruin our Rand if you replace Gordon with him. Can’t you see that?

  2. Good luck with the DA getting anywhere with Yunus Carrim, he’s the ex minister of communications who couldn’t get the SA Post office strike sorted a few years ago and then subsequently got the boot from Zuma’s cabinet. Not that the postal strike worried the Nkandla Kid too much.
    I would venture that Yunus is now fully in the Zuma camp and as such, will do as he’s told..or else!
    In any case, if Carrim could see this Eskom/Treasury debacle going on in real time and seeing as he’s the head honcho on finance in parliament (who SHOULD recognise the dire threat from the ratings agencies) why didn’t he show a spark of guts and initiative and tell Eskom and or Molefe to hand over those suspect Gupta contracts and accounts to treasury asap without any further bloody obstructionist BS?

  3. CharlieTango on

    Well, when you boss is a law unto himself, why would one expect anything different from those reporting to him?

  4. tongue in cheek on

    Moffie Molefe and cloudy Hluadi, same cloth similar positions, both taking it like a man for team zupta

  5. tongue in cheek on

    I wasn’t actually being gender orientation prejudiced, it was a poor attempt at “rhyming slang”, but it does shed light on Cloudy’s pig headedness and irrational ego

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