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Hlaudi: ‘SABC must decide if I stay or go’


Controversial SABC executive Hlaudi Motsoeneng is keeping mum on whether it could be the end of the road for him at the public broadcaster.

The SABC on Thursday held a press conference to respond to MPs calls to dissolve the broadcaster’s board.

The portfolio committee on communications on Wednesday called for a formal parliamentary inquiry into the fitness of the board.

MPs agreed that the current board was dysfunctional and ill-governed, neglecting its fiduciary duty towards the public and should therefore be dissolved.

But responding to the parliamentary resolution, SABC board chairman Mbulaheni Maguvhe at Thursday’s press conference slammed MPs for implementing bullying tactics.

Maguvhe also stood firm, saying that he’s “going nowhere”.

Motsoeneng then also took to the stage as he defended the SABC’s financial performance and his own experience and qualifications.

The public protector previously found that Motsoeneng lied about having a matric.

After the briefing, Motsoeneng said in response to a question about whether he’s worried at all about losing his job after parliament’s call to dissolve the SABC board: “No, no, no, I can’t answer that question.

“I am the employee of the organisation, if you are an employee, you are an employee. But what I have been saying to people is that my future here depends on the SABC.

“And if I am outside the SABC I will contribute; I have been outside the SABC. It will not be the first time, but I am not an employer, the employer will take that decision and what kind of decision they take, we will deal with it from there.”

The high court last year ruled that Motsoeneng’s appointment was irrational and unlawful. The same court recently also dismissed Motsoeneng’s application for leave to appeal the decision.

Despite these judgments, the SABC still rehired Motsoeneng as general executive for corporate affairs.

“I want to focus on the new job. I must deliver, I must make sure that department sees innovation. I must sure that people can feel and touch that the unit is onboard.,” he said.

Motsoeneng has previously said that he intends to reapply for his post as chief operating officer.



  1. For someone with a R4.1mill +++ annual salary Cloudy Hlaudi certainly has a way with words…………

  2. CharlieTango on

    SABC board chairman Mbulaheni Maguvhe and the rest of the board, along with Cloudy, are basically pulling the middle finger at the ANC and getting away with it.

  3. If there was a high court judge in on this overseeing or judging Motsoeneng’s irregular salary increases I doubt that there would be too much middle finger gesturing going on.
    Just as soon as the DA does the taxpayers a service and starts the prosecution ball rolling that is.

    Coz the dotgov sure as s*^t aint doing diddly about those dodgy pay rises.

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