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Homegrown e-tolls app launched in US

Toll-Track-Screenshot---280A South African toll-fee tracking application for smartphones, which was conceptualised and developed by a local entrepreneur, has been launched in the US.

TechCentral first revealed details of Toll Track a year ago when it interviewed developer and entrepreneur Jacques Theyse, who built the app to keep track of what he owed in e-tolls on Gauteng’s upgraded highway system.

On Wednesday, Toll Track announced it has launched a US version to allow users to track and monitor their toll road usage.

The app automatically tracks and logs toll costs using a phone’s built-in GPS. “Toll Track makes keeping track of a driver’s toll expenses easy and convenient,” says Theyse in a statement. “Toll Track is a valuable tool in any US drivers’ app collection, and we are looking forward to expanding its feature set to include every toll system in the US.”

Once installed, the Toll Track app notifies drivers of gantries passed and will display the description, calculated toll cost and applicable discount where relevant. The app also saves the data to a log for later retrieval.

Toll Track USA is currently only available as a paid-for app on Apple’s App Store, but Theyse says the Android and Windows Phone 8 versions are already in development.

There is also a US route planner and a cost calculations app in the works called TollCalc. This app will be developed specifically for the iPad.

At first, the US version of the app will only work for toll roads in Orange County, California, the state that recently moved its toll collection to a cashless platform similar to Gauteng’s e-tolls.

The South-African version of Toll Track is available in both Apple and Android versions and is available in the App Store and in Google Play.  — (c) 2014 NewsCentral Media

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