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How IT can help smaller enterprises thrive beyond lockdown

Deshan Moodley, left, and Jeremy Lichtenstein

In this episode of the podcast, Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Deshan Moodley and Pinnacle’s Jeremy Lichtenstein unpack the impact of the economic fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown on mid-sized enterprises, and the small and medium business sector, and the role IT solutions can play in the recovery.

While the largest enterprises are often the best at withstanding adversity when hard times hit, smaller companies are typically the first to feel the full brunt of a downturn. Many are struggling, while others are hanging on for dear life, and although digital transformation has taken on renewed urgency because of Covid-19, it’s not often a top-of-mind issue among midmarket companies and SMEs.

Still, Moodley, who is HPE business development manager for the midmarket enterprise as well as worldwide TechPro lead in South Africa, and Lichtenstein, who is HPE solutions architect at Pinnacle, believe technology can play a significant role in helping these companies recover and eventually thrive again.

In the podcast, Moodley and Lichtenstein chat about why companies should care about their IT systems at a time like this and what technology can do to get them through to other side of the pandemic stronger than before.

The two then discuss in some detail the solutions that HPE offers this segment of the market, divided into four broad categories: growth with speed and efficiency; intelligent IT management; affordability and sustainability; and IT storage and predictability.

They also look at two customer case studies, one in Ghana and the other in South Africa’s Eastern Cape.

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