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Icann considers top-level domain proposals

Icann considers new TLDs

[Best of the Web — Wednesday, 10 March 2010]

Icann considers new Web address proposals: Pornographic websites could soon have their own top-level domain, alongside .net, .com and .org. That’s if the international body that manages Web addresses agrees to new proposals put to it at a meeting being held in Nairobi, Kenya this week. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann) will hear arguments on Friday on whether or not to introduce domains such as .xxx and .god to cater for adult and religious sites. Icann, which had approved an adult top-level domain several years ago, reversed its decision following pressure from conservative groups. However, an independent review committee found the reversal of its earlier decision was unfair. [The Telegraph]

Google trialling TV service: Web media giant Google is eyeing your lounge. A report in The Wall Street Journal suggests the company is working with US satellite pay-TV operator Dish Network to allow television viewers to search Web content and watch YouTube videos using “elements” of its Android operating system, which powers mobile phones. However, the tests are limited to a small number of Google employees for now. [The Guardian]

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