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Invest in crypto like Warren Buffett wants you to invest in stocks

Revix allows people to invest in crypto like Warren Buffett wants you to invest in stocks.

Crypto is revolutionising the way value is transferred throughout the world. It’s no mystery that crypto itself is very difficult to understand, not to mention the underlying blockchain technology that it operates on — and how to invest in it safely isn’t yet well understood.

“Smart, modern investors with a growth mindset have already included crypto assets as a key element in their investment portfolio,” co-founder Sean Andrew Sanders said, adding that this insight inspired the team at Revix to create and launch their easy-to-invest-in crypto bundles.

Revix is accessible to everyone. Whether a R500 investment or R1-million, the online platform is ideal for people who want to get started in crypto but are not sure how or where to begin. Sanders said: “Our main focus at Revix is to make investing easier so that many more people have access and can take advantage of the massive opportunities in today’s markets.”

After signing up for an account on, you then transfer rand and within minutes you are invested in any one of the three Revix crypto Bundles on offer — top 10, payments-focused and smart contract-centric crypto bundles.

“Our crypto bundles are unique in that they automatically rebalance once a month, so that customer investments stay up to date with the latest crypto market developments. Top-performing cryptocurrencies are included in our bundles while the poor performers are removed,” said Sanders.

More convenient

Revix will soon be making it even more convenient to invest by launching its mobile application and introducing auto investments, where, once a month, funds get debited from your bank account and automatically invested in a professionally managed crypto bundle of your choice.

The platform was launched in South Africa in March 2019, with investment funding from JSE-listed specialty investment group Sabvest. Following the positive market response, Revix is now getting ready for expansion into both the UK and European markets.

“Revix is not just a platform that helps customers invest in crypto; it also provides a community through which customers can keep up-to-date and be constantly informed about the world of crypto and blockchain,” Sanders said, adding that the Revix team publishes cryptocurrency media digests as well as all the latest news in its weekly newsletter.

Said Sanders: “I left the world of traditional finance and investment banking to start Revix because Revix is a wealth-generation company, which opens a door for everyone to invest in this new investment class of cryptocurrencies. I believe this to be one of the greatest opportunities of our lifetime. There is no bigger story in finance than the pending impact of blockchain and related technologies on the world. Decentralised trust platforms operated via cryptocurrency networks will spur the most significant changes in how society handles information since the Internet. All this will give rise to a new generation of global investors and business people hungry for opportunities that Revix will connect them too.”

About Revix
Revix is a world-leading crypto investing platform that brings peace of mind, trust and automation to crypto investing. After people sign up for an account, investing in crypto is as easy as making a bank transfer and choosing a bundle to invest in and then watching their portfolio grow. For more information, please visit

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