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Investing in video conferencing? Ask these 5 questions first

Video conferencing has become the preferred method of collaboration – and for good reason. In this latest Logitech e-book, proudly brought to you by Axiz, it is revealed that CIOs believe video conferencing leads to a six-fold improvement in product innovation, decision-making and customer experience.

But which video-conferencing tools are best suited to your organisation’s needs? To help decision makers choose the best solution, Logitech has covered all bases by posing five key questions:

  1.  Is the solution easy to use?
  2. Does the solution deliver a consistent experience?
  3. Is the solution easy to deploy and maintain?
  4. Is the solution flexible?
  5. Is the solution scalable?

Considering that 85% of business leaders say they plan to put policies and tech in place to support a remote, flexible workforce, and 87% of meetings include remote participants via audio, video and/or Web conferencing, the need to get your organisation’s conferencing needs right could not be pressing.

In this e-book, Axiz and Logitech examine the decision-making process, and offer readers a simplified road map to making the right video-conferencing purchasing decisions.

Click here to download your free video-conferencing guide.

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