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Decline in matric performance


The 2015 class of matriculants writing the department of basic education’s national senior certificate exams performed worse than last year’s class, monitoring body Umalusi said on Wednesday.

“There are a number of factors that affected this year’s learner performance, which we hope we can correct,” Umalusi council chairman John Volmink told reporters in Pretoria.

He said the poorer performance could be due to the high standards of this year’s papers, but they could not compromise on the quality of education.

“The standard of the papers improved and catered for more challenging questions as compared to 2014. The standards of the papers might have contributed to the performance, but the standards can’t be dropped just to push up the pass rate,” Volmink said.

“Umalusi can’t lower the bar for standards. They can only be improved in the classroom.”

The results would be released next week.

The department of basic education says it will only comment in January on the announcement by Umalusi regarding the poor matric results for 2015.

The department’s spokesman, Troy Martens, said they would be commenting when the minister announced the results.

“We are only releasing the results on 5 January so we don’t want to pre-empt any of these announcements. We will comment when minister pronounces,” she said.

Umalusi approved the release of the results despite a few examination centres being implicated in group copying.

The results of learners from those centres would be withheld until investigations were completed.

A total of 26 alleged cases of group copying were reported in four provinces: Gauteng (6), KwaZulu-Natal (12), Limpopo (1) and Mpumalanga (7).

There were others that were implicated in the leaking of exam papers. Those results would also be withheld.  — News24

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  1. Mahomed Saleem Moorad on

    as long as teenagers are being taught a lot about their “rights” & theres hardly anyone getting them to accept their wrongs, they will grow up into the lazy, corrupt & incompetent lumps that we see being given top posts/positions in various companies & including the govt depts.
    then these same idiots are in charge of making decisions as to how our country will be run

    a recipe for disaster.

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