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Mixing it up when copying with Xerox printers

Have you ever needed to make a copy of letter-size and legal-size documents in the same job? It can be difficult to do on some machines, but not on your Xerox multi-function printer (MFP). You can easily copy mixed size originals by using the mixed-size option on the copy or copy layout tab. Of course, the paper sizes must be loaded in the paper trays of the machine.

To copy with mixed size originals select the Copy option and then select Layout Adjustment and then Original Size. In Original Size you will select the Mixed Sized Original setting. These instructions may vary depending on the model of the machine you are using. As always ,please consult the support page for your machine for instruction or the user manual, which will also have the instructions. Not all machines have the mixed-size original capabilities, but many do. So, check it out for your machine either in the user manual or at support.

A video that explains how this works may be available for your machine. You can check by going to the support page for your machine and looking for the video tab. If the video tab is there, check for a video on mixed-size originals.

The mixed-size originals feature can save you time and effort — no more copying each size separately and then having to merge the different sizes together manually. There are many processes and applications where this feature will come in handy. Check it out and see if it will work for you and your business.

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