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More service providers get DStv streaming

MultiChoice has added three additional Internet service providers as distribution partners for its DStv On Demand Internet streaming service. They are Vox Telecom, Neology and Cybersmart.

The company launched its first online on-demand video offering through MWeb just two months after the Internet service provider came to market with an aggressively priced uncapped broadband service.

DStv On Demand Online, accessed though, and allows DStv Premium customers access to blockbuster movies, series, sports, kids’ shows and documentaries.

The service will now be available to DStv customers using the three new service providers to bring its product to market.

No launch date has been set for the new providers to start running the service across their networks, and MultiChoice says each operator will let its customers know as soon as the product is available.

“The providers are working on the integration and their service offering and will communicate to their customers once they are ready with their commercial offering,” says GM for DStv on Demand Jason Probert.

Vox Telecom will probably distribute the solution through its consumer Telepreneur business, which includes ADSL services. However, the company was not immediately available to confirm how it plans to bring the service to its customers.

Neology represents an interesting coup for MultiChoice’s on-demand service given that the company provides networking solutions for several other Internet providers.

Cybersmart has been an below-the-radar provider until now and says the increase in online content is good for business.

“The fact that we can serve this content locally over our peering links, instead of having to fetch it from overseas, improves our customers’ experience and does not cost us the earth to run,” says Laurie Fialkov, MD of Cybersmart.

With the addition of the new service providers, MultiChoice has added the number of new movies that customers will be able to watch on-demand. Every month, 50 new movies will be added to the selection.  — Staff reporter, TechCentral


  1. I’m glad Cybersmart is peering with MWEB. Finally, I can give the VOD service a test drive and will do so tonight.

  2. Oh wait, they haven’t enabled the other ISPs to allow users to link their accounts yet. 🙁

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