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Motsoeneng: DA headed back to court

James Selfe

James Selfe

The Democratic Alliance said on Sunday that it has instructed its legal team to take the reappointment of Hlaudi Motsoeneng as acting chief operating officer back to court.

“We have been left with no other option following the deplorable decision taken by the SABC to undermine the Western Cape high court and the supreme court of appeal,” said James Selfe, chairman of the DA’s federal executive, in a statement.

“This decision is a slap in the face of the rule of law and is a desperate attempt to allow the Hlaudi Motsoeneng ‘wrecking ball’ to continue his disastrous reign at the public broadcaster,” Selfe said.

Selfe described the news, published in City Press, that Motsoeneng had apparently been paid an R11,4m bonus — one part of an expected R33m, three-year windfall — as “nothing more than SABC-endorsed plunder of its own resources to the benefit of just one man”.

“This madness needs to be stopped. Our precious public resources should be spent on building a reputable, fair and well-run public broadcaster, and not on the propping up of its single greatest impediment,” he said. — (c) 2016 NewsCentral Media


  1. Do the right thing on

    Where is the minister of Comm , where is the portfolio committee , where is the AG , where is treasury , is the PFMA still applicable in the public service

  2. I’m told from normally unreliable sources that the minister of Comms is currently busy with her Comms 101 tuition ..You know? The one that starts with..’The cat sat on the mat.’
    Those sources also let on that her tutor is a Doc Hlaudi Motsoeneng a man well known as the author of “Inglish for Dummies and Non-matrikulents.”
    Have no fear though, the minister is in good hands, the good Doc is also heading up the after hours Skool of Press Conference English for the ANCYL top brass.

  3. Please tell me it aint so: That a portion of my TV license will be going to boost the retirement scheme, new Merc purchase, Seychelles’s holiday..fill in the blanks… of Motsoeneg’s lawyer when the legal bills are paid after this case?

  4. Which is why you should not be paying TV Licenses. By doing so, you are supporting fraud, corruption and the plundering of tax-payer money. Stop paying! It’s the right thing to do.

  5. Lesley Ganserer on

    Cannot wait for the switch over to digital TV. Will then stop paying my TV licence. Do not watch Sabc and got rid of DSTV 2 years ago.Live streaming and have never looked back.

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