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MTN in new bid to end strike

Ahmad Farroukh

Ahmad Farroukh

MTN has called for a legally binding arbitration process as it faces industrial action by the Communication Workers Union (CWU).

MTN South Africa CEO Ahmad Farroukh told a delegation representing the striking employees that the process is fair and can put an end to the action.

This follows a meeting that MTN management had with a delegation from the CWU on Monday afternoon.

“MTN wishes to reiterate that the proposal for the appointment of an independent arbitrator that is fair and impartial may be the only practical solution to this stalemate.

“I, therefore, urge the unions to accept it. As a law-abiding corporate citizen, MTN undertakes to be bound by the findings of the arbitration process and we will implement whatever judgement the arbitrator deems appropriate,” said Farroukh.

“Furthermore, MTN would like to clarify that during last week’s discussion, at no stage did MTN offer an alternative percentage other than the current offer nor did it offer a new payment date.

“MTN is offering a 4% payable on December 2015 and the second payment of 8,33% on March 2016. MTN maintains that this offer exceeds the original staff demand for 8% of bonus payment,” he said.  — Fin24


  1. Message to MTN’s managers: Lock ’em out, there are tens of thousands of would be willing employees out there who would jump through hoops to take those jobs.
    I hope that Ahmad makes every last one of these ingrates REAPPLY for their jobs should they be taken back and then screen out the trouble makers.
    There also seems to be a clear message here too for that aggressive CWU type who gabbles on the news: MTN is still afloat even with a strike, and you are playing with your members employable futures with your reckless attitude. Be wary.

  2. Yeah, because a company that trousers billions in profits every year, and can afford to pay senior executives tens of millions in bonuses this year (despite poor performance and tanking subscriber numbers), can certainly not afford to share some of this with workers that in real terms earn less every year.

    How disgraceful that the interests of middle class people could possibly be considered in the same breath as those of institutional investors and moneyed families. The 1% have suffered enough already.

  3. Monica Young on

    Good morning will work as a temp for 10years or more with no benefits no increase and no medical aid, no provident fund no nothing but what you earn every month? Cause if you can please do us all a favour and go work at MTN. I speak from experience I worked there for 3 years no bonus no medical aid no increase hence me leaving and finding other employment with the above and beyond benefits.

  4. Nobody is holding a gun to their heads to keep on at MTN Monica.
    Why don’t they do as you did and find somewhere else to trade their meager skills.
    This goes for all the wekkas out there from SAMWU to the SA Post Office.

  5. your typical oppressor tendencies will not dampen workers struggle, workers are stakeholders of a company not objects, they human beings who need to be remunerated as required by ILO standards and South African Labour Laws I think you should jump to your country first and practise those tendencies there.

  6. Good to note your ‘oppressor tendencies’ and ILO standards quote: Next time you go past your favourite ILO outlet please pop in and ask how they shape up to the fact that the ANC are actively oppressing the white workers and small businesses in this country by means of vicious racial discrimination against a minority population group ie; us whites
    You might also take along a copy of the BEE Act and it’s follow-up the BBBEE Act with all its nasty little BEE ‘points programme’ which is nothing more than REWARDS FOR RACISM, or, to put it bluntly: “If you do not participate in our anti-white Ethnic Cleansing programme you do not get state contracts.”
    Please also sound out the ILO on the local programme of Affirmative Action for an ethnic MAJORITY.
    Over to you now, oh, when did you say you were calling on the ILO?

  7. Vusumuzi Sibiya on

    Bass Davebee, perhaps you need to go work as a temp at MTN’s call center – I’m sure whatever you’d have to say to anyone calling in, would actually be a true reflection of what MTN really represents.

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