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MTN slashes fibre broadband prices

Alpheus Mangale

Alpheus Mangale

MTN South Africa has reduced the prices of its fibre broadband data bundles by 50% to “boost the competitiveness of its propositions”, it said on Tuesday.

In addition, those signing up for a 24-month contract before the end of September will get free installation and router plus bonus data bundles that are the equivalent of the bundle option, it said.

They will also get twice the amount of night bundle data to utilise between midnight and 6am.

The installation fee for month-to-month contracts has been reduced from R3 000 to R999 to “enhance the products’ value proposition”.

Bundles start at 20GB, which comes with 20GB of bonus data and 40GB of night data for R40. A 1TB bundle is inclusive of 1TB of bonus data and 2TB of night data for R999.

“Though MTN does not yet offer an uncapped data bundle, customers have an expansive range of data denominations they can choose from, and also have an option of tailoring a data package that suits their needs and budget,” the company said.


Source: MTN

“For example, subscribers who opt for Supersonic 1 package for a monthly subscription of R764 will receive 100GB of data, 100GB bonus data and 200GB of night data at speeds of 20Mbit/s.

“Supersonic 2 offers 500GB of provisioned data, 500GB worth of bonus data and 100GB of night data at speeds of 50Mbps for a monthly subscription of R1 299.

“For a monthly subscription of R1 699, heavy usage customers can sign up for the Supersonic 3 package, which offers 1TB of data, 1TB of bonus data and 2TB of night data at speeds of 100Mbit/s.”

Chief enterprise business officer at MTN Business Alpheus Mangale described the new pricing as “compelling”.

MTN has a fibre network footprint in Gauteng, Western Cape, Kwa-Zulu Natal and the Eastern Cape. — © 2016 NewsCentral Media


  1. Greg Mahlknecht on

    Well done, MTN, now you’re only 25% more expensive than your average open network. Amongst the mobile providers CellC is by FAR winning the FTTH race in terms of product. Only offering uncapped, at great prices on open networks. 100mbit uncapped at R1500? Yes please.

    > Chief enterprise business officer at MTN Business Alpheus Mangale described the new pricing as “compelling”.

    Meanwhile, people familiar with the FTTH landscape in South Africa will describe it as “lacking” 🙂

  2. Ofentse Letsholo on

    But that 1TB one ain’t bad, just 24 months of MTN’s bad service is a no no.

  3. With 9 people in the office on a 10Mbit line, we’d quite easily cap that too 🙁

  4. Ofentse Letsholo on

    But it’s not about downloading all the time, I’m also a download freak myself at work I was once the one that consumed more bandwidth than the rest of the building but I stopped after a warning. But if you get 1TB during the day, browsing and streaming, heavy downloading can be done after 12 with that 2TB. Yes it’s not uncapped but it’s better than let’s say Mweb’s deal if I remember well. You know once you get used to it you download less.

  5. You see for you that’s OK. We tend to download only in the day and I’d say most of our traffic is Youtube. If it was 2TB anytime it would be worth it. But the day night stuff breaks it for us.

  6. Ofentse Letsholo on

    It will get to 2TB that looks like a promise, if only Fibre was all over as mobile connectivity man competition would be high and of course uncapped data or maybe 3TB 4TB deals during the day. BUt it will get to 2TB maybe charged at R1800.

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