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MWeb uncapped: one year on

Rudi Jansen

A year after MWeb released SA’s first consumer uncapped products, the company’s network is carrying 2,5 petabytes of data a month. This is nine times higher than the 282TB it handled monthly before the product was unveiled.

“We have seen a significant change in users’ online behaviour and have noticed that their interests have shifted from checking e-mail, occasional browsing and online banking to really exploring and enjoying the wonders of the Web,” says MWeb CEO Rudi Jansen.

Jansen says MWeb has also been successful in its peering efforts, establishing bandwith peering agreements with both other SA Internet providers and international partners.

To accommodate the growth, Jansen says the company has made investments in connectivity to Telkom’s backbone. It has also made investments in its own national and international network.

The company has revealed that it received nearly 600m e-mails on its network each month, of which 82% is spam. Its e-mail store holds 99,3TB.  — Staff reporter, TechCentral


  1. MWEB latency to SAIX is 450ms +, which makes it impossible for its users to have VoIP services with any other provider using the SAIX network. More effort should be done to peer with SAIX.

  2. @Mo_jo I think you’ll find there is no lack of effort on MWEB’s side – SAIX just refuses to meet them at JINX like everyone else. At some point they’ll realise they can’t always dictate terms in the way they have in the past.

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