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MXit opens wallet to customers

MXit CEO Herman Heunis

SA mobile instant messaging and social networking company MXit has signed an agreement with UCS Group subsidiary wiWallet to give its users a new payment platform.

Herman Heunis, founder and CEO of MXit, says its 10m active users will have access to the new payment offering in the second quarter of the year.

wiWallet is a payment application and platform that connects to several retail services that UCS has rolled out across the country, including point-of-sale devices.

The service integrates several retail stores and restaurants, including the popular Mugg & Bean, where customers using wiWallet can pay for services.

MXit already has a micropayment solution called Mxit Moola. However, it doesn’t allow for larger transactions, which wiWallet will do.

“Our plan is not to replace our existing Moola payment platform as it is geared to handle millions of micropayments daily. Rather, it’s to complement it with the wiWallet mobile payment gateway and voucher system to enable our users to purchase more costly items such as airtime, electricity, music and games, as well as make in-store purchases in the hospitality and consumer goods industries,” he says.

Heunis says he hopes to keep costs as low as possible for users and make voucher and payment transfers as simple as possible.  — Staff reporter, TechCentral


  1. Good idea! The success of the wallet however hangs on how slick (fast) putting money in and taking money out will be.

  2. OMG noooo!!! I really respected Mxit up until now, please not ANOTHER wallet. Well on the bright side now all those 16 years olds can pay for their Mugg and Bean bills or buy the family electricity for the month or buy the family groceries at a retail store… wow thats soo convenient, I’m sure all those 16 year olds are going to love this innovation!

    Seriously though Mxit why go to UCS for something like this, you guys are soo well connected and have all those Naspers Rands behind you, I really would have expected something much more amazing coming out of you! You guys were on the right track with Mxit Moolah but sad to say you guys have become derailed!

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