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Nedbank app now works for the blind

Glenn Smith

Glenn Smith

Nedbank has added functionality to its smartphone banking application that allows blind people and those with visual impairments to use the software.

The bank’s technology divisional executive, Glenn Smith, says the app offers the same experience it does to a person with good vision. “The visually impaired can perform all banking transactions and access all capabilities associated with the app.”

Smith says the app’s code has been structured to use features for the visually impaired already present on the Android, iOS and Blackberry operating systems. It takes any input on a device and translates it into voice output and audio cues.

“The way a visually impaired person operates a phone is completely different. If you are looking at a balance or doing a transaction, the app speaks back to you and tells you exactly what is on your screen,” Smith says.

Nedbank’s App Suite runs on Android, iOS and BlackBerry as well as some feature phones. The bank hired a blind developer, who has provided feedback throughout the app’s development.

The functionality for the visually impaired is available through using the standard app.  — (c) 2013 NewsCentral Media

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