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Nokia music store freed of DRM

The new branding for Nokia's unlimited music download service

Songs in Nokia’s SA music store will be free of digital rights management (DRM) software from 9 September, meaning consumers will be able to copy their downloaded tunes and listen to their purchases on any device of their choosing.

They’ll also be in MP3 format and available for Apple Mac and Linux users for the first time.

The name of the Finnish cellphone manufacturer’s music store is also changing. Gone is the Nokia Music Store, replaced with Ovi Music. Nokia’s Comes With Music service, which allows unlimited music downloads, will still have DRM hooks in the songs, and will be renamed Ovi Music Unlimited.

Nokia says the new SA music store will feature enhanced music search and discovery, optimised artist pages and music recommendations from a local Ovi Music editor.

The new music store, which will be available at from next month, has about 6m tracks available for download, including songs and albums from SA artists.

Perhaps Nokia’s move will finally prod Apple into making music in the iTunes Store available to SA consumers, too.  — Staff reporter, TechCentral


  1. This is SUCH good news! Ovi Music has a good selection of SA artists which is now more of an incentive to buy and support local artists too.

  2. Don’t understand the big deal. It’s been Ovi Music for a while. Even then, at R10 per track and R100 for an album, it remains a major rip-off. There are a number of sites where you can, legally, select from a massive range for about half that price. Granted, those sites don’t seem to stock Steve Hofmeyr and the like, but it’s not an especially large gap in my music collection.

  3. @V if by retrocactive you mean if you’ve purchased music from us before the change on 9 September, then 100% – you will just need to redownload your tracks into the new format to get MP3 format instead of the WMA format which currently has the DRM-Protection on – you don’t have to purchase tracks again, just redownload the new format 🙂

  4. @NokiaRSA Why will Comes wiht Music still have DRM? Any plans to get rid of this in future?

  5. @UK Comes with Music soon to be Ovi Music Unlimited is a offering where you get unlimited downloads for a period of time i.e you don’t buy the tracks from the store you get them for FREE with your dedicated device – we have to protect the music rights still in this case with DRM. There are no plans to go DRM-Free on Ovi Music Unlimited.

  6. Nokia Music website have other problems. You are suppose to get free music when you buy on your credit card, but you do not receive them.

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