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Nokia taps Microsoft for new CEO

Stephen Elop (image courtesy of Microsoft)

Nokia is replacing its CEO, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, with a top Microsoft executive, Stephen Elop, as the Finnish handset manufacturer seeks to make up for ground it has lost in recent years to rivals such as iPhone-maker Apple and BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion.

But already a senior Gartner analyst is questioning the move.

“I’m in two minds about this,” says Gartner vice-president Nick Jones. “Microsoft has many of the same problems as Nokia in terms of innovation, especially in the smartphone business.”

Elop is an American, which “investors will like”, but Jones doesn’t believe he brings any “specific skills that will fix Nokia’s challenges”.

“My personal view is that Nokia’s board have made a safe choice when they should have made a courageous choice,” Jones says.

“However, having an ex-Microsoft person running Nokia suggests lots of interesting possibilities for the future. Nokia plus Microsoft allying to fight Google and Apple. Now there’s a thought (and I stress it’s a thought not a Gartner prediction).”  — Staff reporter, TechCentral


  1. @Simon Gartner are like the weather service – they’re hardly ever right about anything, and you just have to take their data as a guideline, and not actually rely on it. In this case, Canada is close enough to USA that it fits well within their margin of error.

  2. Well Stephen Elop will have to bring something good, Android is getting better everyday, Nokia and Microsoft are not doing good at all, but lets just wait and see what ex executive will bring to the Finnish company…

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