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Nyanda spurns diplomatic posting

Siphiwe Nyanda

Former communications minister Siphiwe Nyanda has reportedly declined a high-profile diplomatic posting as SA’s ambassador to Germany.

Talk Radio 702 reported on Monday that Nyanda was asked to take over the position from Eddie Funde, who was gravely injured in a car accident earlier this year.

However, the radio station reports that Nyanda has declined the offer, leading to speculation that the former minister has political ambitions closer to home.  — Staff reporter, TechCentral


  1. An army general as the ambassador to Germany? Sounds like the perfect match – unless he used the opportunity to declare war on somewhere. Maybe he’d declare war on Switzerland?

  2. Unbelievable – only place this guy should be going is jail for fraud and corruption, and they actually REDEPLOYING him. You go ANC “For the criminals by the criminals”………………………

  3. Here, here Grant, Peter…I can imagine Cabinet interviews…”So it says on your CV that you invented a cure for the common cold and and pancreatic cancer?” “er yeeas…” “and you also spent 3 years in the rebuilding of medical services ravaged by the Haiti earthquake?” …”er yeeas” “and currently you are working with the Health Department on HIV retroviral improvements?” “…yeeas”.

    “Well it’s a no-brainer then. congratulations – you are the new Minister of Agicuture!”

  4. Dieter Göttert on

    Maybe the General got too many fingers in other pies locally which he now is “free’ to persue, what with all these security government tenders that were secured by his company…suppose it makes sense… the brotherhood run deep

  5. Firstly, the president made a huge mistake by deploying the General to a communication department as a cabinet minister. General S. Nyanda would have been a good cabinet minister if he was appointed as a defence Minister, looking at his back round and experience. I beleive the system failed him dismally.

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