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How to get the best out of your contact centre agents

Since the birth of contact centres, one of the greatest challenges has been to achieve sustainable behavioural change. Coaching sessions and training can produce an improvement in the desired behaviours, but without the ability to continually measure progress such improvements have been short-lived.

Before the introduction of automated speech analytics, performance feedback to agents through manual monitoring and scoring of calls was a time-consuming process that required listening to calls, filling out scorecards and finding coaching opportunities.

Advanced speech analytics solves this problem by combining the principles of pervasive business intelligence and automated quality monitoring into a single solution that delivers the right information to the right person at the right time.

The world of the tired supervisor who sits and listens to hours of recorded calls, only to be told by an agent that their feedback “is not fair” because they have picked their only bad call from that week, is over. The seemingly impossible task of listening to 100% of customer conversations can now be a completely automated and objective process.

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This guide gives an overview of traditional quality monitoring, common call monitoring problems and top tips on modern quality monitoring, including how you can provide accurate, timely and consistent feedback to agents, perfect coaching sessions and drive performance.

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