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OpenView HD user numbers revealed

Maxwell Nonge

Maxwell Nonge

OpenView HD, the satellite-based free-to-air television service launched by the same group that owns, has finally disclosed its user numbers.

Platco Digital, which operates the platform on which OpenView HD is distributed, said on Monday that the service will switch on its 200 000th customer in the coming weeks.

MD Maxwell Nonge said Platco is “meeting the strategic objectives outlined for the business”. He said new channels will be added to the bouquet soon.

OpenView HD was launched in 2013.

“Content that will be added is guided by focused costumer research to ensure that the channels are in line with the target audience’s viewing patterns,” Nonge said.

The platform offers viewers 19 entertainment channels in a number of languages, including English, Zulu, Afrikaans and Hindi. It also broadcasts radio stations Yfm, Gagasi FM, Heart FM, OFM and LM Radio.

OpenView HD decoders cost R399 (excluding dish and installation). The service uses the same satellite as MultiChoice’s DStv, so those with DStv dishes don’t need to acquire a second dish.  – © 2015 NewsCentral Media


  1. Explore new markets. There is plenty room to grow. Government should actually rethink Digital Migration. People can easily afford R399-00 for an OpenView HD decoder and satellite dish. Government should wait another 2 years before doing a census on how many people really need a sponsored DVB-T2 box. More and more people in even the poorest villages are installing OpenView and DSTV satellite dishes.
    Government might find they don’t even need anything close to 5 million sponsored set top boxes.
    Another option is to sponsor people with an OpenView HD decoder and satellite dish at R399-00 once off. No monthly payments at all. SABC will have its channels delivered FREE of charge into millions of homes.
    A census is needed to really determine the need for sponsored boxes.

  2. Vusumuzi Sibiya on

    >>OpenView HD was launched in 2013.

    After a year on SES5 the figure for user numbers was 49K and now having moved onto IS20 and being presumably on both IS20 and SES5 there’s approximately 150K users added. Would be more interesting if there was an indication of the numbers in relation to the different satellites… but then again;

    >>said on Monday that the service will switch on its 200 000th customer in the coming weeks.

    …could mean anything; from having zero users added to hoping for 200K in the coming weeks – just like the “Top Priority SA BDM progress” that has also been occurring for the coming weeks.

    One thing for certain though is that 200K is not the kind of critical mass volume for attracting advertising that will pay for premium content… so one has to wonder how this FTA platform is going to sustain itself…???

    (gee silly me, what’s the CA for – if it won’t come in handy to get some subscription revenue when there’s content that users will be prepared to pay for…???) *talk about trying to hide behind one’s thumb* – translate that into isiZulu Maxwell.

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